Damn, Forgot To Send In Our Resume: AwesomenessTV Gets A New CMO In TJ Marchetti


AwesomenessTV just got a little more, well, awesome. TJ Marchetti, a senior executive for the Mouse House (Disney) has jumped on board to join the crew of the good ship AwesomenessTV as their Chief Marketing Officer. Not to be confused with CEO or President, the CMO is responsible for handling the various marketing initiatives that […]

10 Most Popular ‘The Voice’ Contestants That Are On YouTube

the voice

NMR recently covered Christina Grimmie’s chair-turning performance on “The Voice,” but she’s not the only musician who’s collected AdSense checks and then been a contestant on the hit NBC singing competition show. YouTube compiled a list of the 10 most popular musicians on YouTube to have been a contestant on the “The Voice,” and so […]

NMR, BiteSizeTV Team Up To Throw Hot, Hot, Hot YouTube Oscar Party At the W [VIDEO]


NMR might have had one of the finest nights of its relatively young life on Sunday night with the Oscars in full swing. Partnering up with the likes of BiteSizeTV, NMR descended upon the W Hotel in Hollywood under the pretenses of watching the Oscars. I don’t know about our guests, but NMR was way […]

‘I’d Like To Thank…’: Some of YouTube’s Biggest Stars Offer Up Their Own Award Acceptance Speeches [VIDEOS]

Screen shot 2014-03-03 at 6.26.52 PM

Some fantastic moments happened on last night’s Oscars, probably, but none of those moments were as passionate, beautiful or relevant to NMR readers as these “If Only…” Oscar acceptance speeches that if the talent holds, aren’t too far off from becoming a reality. Turns out, when you hand someone a fake trophy and a microphone, […]

Frog-Eat-Frog: French Media Company Canal Plus Gobbles Up French Comedy Channel Studio Bagel


The landscape of available YouTube acquisitions just got a little smaller as Canal Plus picked up French comedy MCN Studio Bagel. Canal Plus, a pay television service out of France, enhances its new media portfolio with the also-French YouTube company that leads the French nation in humor channels with over 6 million subscribers and nearly […]

Total Viral Recap: Oscars 2014 — The Biggest Social Media Moments of the Evening


Despite being at an Oscar party last night, NMR actually caught very little of the Oscars themselves. And so we had to catch up on all the viral activity today, with the rest of you who didn’t catch them live. The biggest viral events that made our radar? Ellen Degeneres takes the biggest, most trending […]

Court Ruling: YouTube May Stream ‘Innocence of Muslims’ Video Uploads with Edits


Recently ordered to scrub all uploads of the “Innocence of Muslims” video from YouTube by a U.S. appeals court against Google’s argument to keep the video up in the name of free speech and “constitutional freedoms,” the Silicon Valley operator of the world’s biggest online video platform has at least been granted a small concession […]

Jimmy Kimmel Reimagines Classic YouTube Viral Videos as Big Budget Movies with Top Hollywood Stars

jimmy kimmel

Even though last night’s Oscars was all about celebrating the silver screen, YouTube ended up a winner too when seven of the platform’s most classic viral videos were given the Hollywood treatment during Jimmy Kimmel’s ninth annual “After the Oscars” special. Kimmel’s soon-to-be viral videos of viral-videos-reimagined-as-big-budget-movies feature an extravagant A-list lineup dramatically reinterpreting meme […]

Creative Commons Co-Founder Lawrence Lessig Wins His Battle Against Music Publisher In YouTube Fair Use Dispute


Australian music publisher Liberation Music has learned something that most of us probably wouldn’t have needed a lesson to know to begin with: don’t mess with a Harvard Law professor who specializes in copyright and fair use issues over copyright and fair use issues. After a lengthy court battle, Liberation Music has settled with Harvard […]

YouTube Tentpole Has Oscar Fever With Taryn Southern & Wayside Creations [VIDEOS]

Screen shot 2014-02-28 at 7.03.40 PM

So YouTube, always innovating and keeping NMR flush with stories, has done a sick (sick means good, brah) thing with the YouTube Space L.A. Starting their tentpole program, they seek to provide a series of culturally relevant stages to essentially give YouTubers a prop to work with in the form of a fun location. As […]

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