F*ck That: The 9 Most Popular Swear Words On Twitter [NSFW]


When researchers released a list of the most popular swear words on Twitter, for some reason my mind went to a magical place — a place chockablock full of majestically profane words I’d never heard before. I imagined nine words of such eye-popping vulgarity and complexity, that to see them would result in a shrieking, […]

Kid Copies YouTube Stunt, Barely Escapes Blow Gun-Related Death

Screen shot 2014-02-24 at 4.37.26 PM

Fifteen-year-old Shawn Stillinger escaped the Darwin Award’s clutches … this time. Emulating a challenge he saw on YouTube, the South Carolina boy made a DIY blowgun. But when he went to shoot it, the dart tumbled back and became lodged in his throat. Two different hospitals tried and failed to remove the obstruction — and […]

YouTube to Receive Pioneer Prize at International Digital Emmy Awards


YouTube, get your acceptance speech ready: The International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences announced today that Google’s online video platform would be the recipient of this year’s Pioneer Prize at the 2014 International Digital Emmy Awards. The Academy will be presenting YouTube  with the award for its “innovative contributions to the field of digital […]

Mom Shames Her Daughter On Facebook For Boyfriend, Fighting — Good Parenting or Bad Technique?


In the absence of spankings, parents have had to turn to increasingly creative methods of discipline in order to teach their misbehaving kids a sense of moral rightness. But is fucking with their social media the answer? Lorraine Walls made her 12-year-old daughter publicly apologize in a video posted to her Facebook account after being […]

Amazon Looking To Destroy YouTube & Poach Their Top Talent?


Amazon is setting itself up to be the Lee Harvey Oswald to YouTube’s John F. Kennedy. The multi-hyphenate online retailer is developing original series to play on its Prime platform and already Geico has bought in. The car insurance company is sponsoring a series of pilot episodes to see how popular short-form original content can […]

‘React To That’: Nickelodeon, Nick Cannon Tap Fine Brothers For TV Version of ‘Kids React’


Nick Cannon — also known as Mr. Mariah Carey, has tapped NMR friends the Brothers Fine for a Nickelodeon adaptation of their hit YouTube show, “Kids React.” The show, which solicits unvarnished reactions from youngsters in regards to popular topics and YouTube videos has spawned several other versions including “YouTubers React” and “Teens React,” but […]

ATAP Project Tango: Google Offers First Look At 3D Mapping Software For Mobile Phones


Shrouded in mystery, Google’s new Project Tango sneak peek just dropped on YouTube today, and already it’s blowing up virally as tech types speculate how it will change the landscape of the modern world. Some of the simple applications mentioned include audible cues for the blind and mapping furniture to design and layout living room […]

TV Veteran Creators of My Damn Channel Comedy’s ‘We Got Next’ Talk Their New Show, TV Vs Web, ‘The Game’ Season 7

we got next feature

More proof that high quality, longer-form content is a growing trend, the My Damn Channel Comedy Network recently introduced its first-ever half-hour series to join its slate of web programming with “We Got Next.” Of course, the Comedy Network extension of My Damn Channel was only just launched in 2013, so every new series is […]

Idiots, Take Note: Neknominate is New Deadly Viral Drinking Game Heading To U.S.

Screen shot 2014-02-20 at 8.58.19 PM

They had me at “deadly drinking game.” One guy died attempting to drink two pints of gin. Another plunged to his death jumping into a river. The game is called Neknominate; it revolves around YouTube videos of guys doing something dangerous and then daring viewers to “up the ante.” I think a lot of websites […]

Big Frame’s Sarah Penna and Husband MysteryGuitarMan Expecting a Baby


An NMR congrats to a couple of power players in the online video world! In an Instagram post earlier today, Big Frame co-founder Sarah Penna announced that she and her husband, Joe Penna — better known as YouTube’s MysteryGuitarMan — were going to have a baby. In the Instagram picture posted to her account, there are […]

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