The Warp Zone Spoofs ‘The Walking Dead’ With A Shoutout To Product Placement [VIDEO]

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The Warp Zone crew is all over the pop culture board — one week they’re in Middle Earth, the next they’re in … well, Georgia (or wherever the hell it is that the show takes place now). Putting up a riff on the “The Walking Dead” to coincide with the release of the new season, […]

Simple Pickup Starts Up New YouTube Prank Channel: Simple Misfits

simple misfits feature

The last time we ran into our friends Simple Pickup, they were involved in a motorboating controversy, and not the kind that involves docking your ship in the wrong harbor … well, not literally anyway. This time around, the YouTube lotharios have a new channel called Simple Misfits. The channel’s tagline is “Watch us f**k […]

Jack Vale Presents the ‘Un-Valentine’s Day’ Romance With Pregnant Slave Wife Prank [VIDEO]

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Jack Vale is at his best when he’s convincing people that he’s an unbelievable bastard. And as far as unbelievable bastards go, few seem to irk people like this dick who forces his pregnant wife to move an area rug. All too quickly, bystanders leap in to help which speaks wonderfully about the quality of […]

Twitter To Possibly Look A Lot More Like Facebook With New Site Design


Is Twitter getting a facelift? Tragically, something mysterious seems up with the microblogging site as both Time and Mashable editors have caught sight of Twitter’s alleged new layout page in beta. While the site didn’t last, Time managed to get a screengrab of the potential new layout and it looks, well, alarmingly, like many of […]

Crack-Smoking Mayor Rob Ford Bringing His Circus To YouTube With New Show [VIDEO]

Screen shot 2014-02-11 at 5.39.54 PM

I have a feeling this is going to be a lot less entertaining than one hopes it would be. Rob Ford, Toronto’s mayor, who was caught up in a crack-cocaine smoking video scandal last year and a bizarre drunken video rant this year, has now decided to make the medium his friend. Posting videos to […]

Joy Cho On Signing With a YouTube Network, How She Became No. 1 Most Followed on Pinterest [INTERVIEW]


Last month, NMR shared interviews with newest Kin Community partners Rosanna Pansino and Wayne Goss, along with top exec Michael Wayne. There was one person missing, however: Joy Cho. Also a recent Kin signee, Joy was just too damn busy to talk.  It’s not a surprise that was the case considering that she lists herself […]

Just Kidding Films’ Joe Jo & Poreotics’ Can Nguyen Team Up As DJ Crew Dusky Hunters, Release Album ‘Fool Moon’ [INTERVIEW]


Joe Jo and Can Nguyen have put their individual talents on hold momentarily and combined to rule the world — well, the world of the electronic nightlife. Teaming up to form the DJ group Dusky Hunters, they’re now techno mavens. For the duo — Joe Jo, the co-founder of Just Kidding Films, and Can Nguyen […]

YouTube Yoga Network Formed by Rightster, Viral Spiral & Yama Talent


YouTube networks are popping up for everything nowadays. There’s women’s networks, a sports network, an extreme sports network, music networks, food networks, animal networks … you get the idea. NMR is thinking about starting a network for networks, and here’s my step-by-step plan: 1. Sign up all the networks 2. skim a load of money off […]

UPDATED: Jason Calacanis Calls Google Out in His Follow Up To Blog Post ‘Google Wins At Everything’


UPDATE: [2/10/14 17:09]: This is an email sent along via someone else that NMR acquired — not sent directly to us by Jason himself. The email allegedly goes out to all of his followers as a part of newsletter series. Jason’s  email begins directly after the pleasant picture of him. I’ll change it to italics […]

Mom & Son Go Viral With ‘Best Wedding Dance Ever’ [VIDEO]

Screen shot 2014-02-07 at 6.59.17 PM

  I know everyone is super excited about this clip and saying, “Wow, best mom ever!” But I don’t quite see it that way. The entire time this mother and son were dancing, I was imagining the bride biting her lip and trying to appear thrilled. This is her “big day” and even if she’s […]

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