Google Giving Away $30,000 For A Doodle That Will ‘Make The World A Better Place’

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Okay, before I say anything else, let me assure you that this is only for kids in grades K-12 — no people who are young at heart, no hipster dreamers with a sense of childlike whimsy … kids. Sorry, but I didn’t make the rules. Now that being said, there might be room for a […]

Viral Sensation Alert: YouTube Kid Sir Fedora Is Super Excited Over One ‘Like’

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I don’t think there is a more pleasant feeling right now than looking at this kid’s — Sir Fedora’s — page and knowing that somewhere in the world, he is losing his mind with excitement over his 500,000+ views and 32,000+ subscribers. All of them are newly acquired, and I gotta believe he’s standing in […]

Facebook Gives You the Ability To Look Back On Your Best Posts as a Video


Who knew Facebook was giving away gifts for their birthday? Do you spend an impressive amount of time on Facebook? Have lots of witty comments and banter? Well how would you like to revisit those moments in video form with pleasant music tinkling in the background? If you said “No,” your adventure, perhaps wisely, ends […]

Happy 10th Birthday Facebook: 10 Ways Facebook Changed the Internet


10 years ago Facebook was born in a — well, we’ve all seen “The Social Network” we all know the story. Long story short, Facebook has become an integrated part of our lives for better or for worse. And despite all the detractors (including myself), it looks like Facebook is sticking around. And since we […]

YouTubers Versus Viners: Twitter Is Battleground For New Media Street Fights

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More and more people are turning to Twitter as a means not to communicate information, but to shit-talk the royal hell out of others and engage in digital cat fights that otherwise wouldn’t happen. At the center of this most recent one is super-popular Viner Nash Grier who recently made the transition to YouTube and […]

Is Twitter the New Super Bowl Advertising Hub?

American Football 2

Last year Oreo “won” Twitter during the Super Bowl when the cookie company ran a viral promotion on their Twitter page – for free. The tweet, which read “Power out? No problem” also included a promotional piece showing an Oreo cookie in a darkened room with the tagline “You can still dunk in the dark.” […]

YouTube Musician Chad Neidt Had A Successful Kickstarter — Now Buy His Damn Album [INTERVIEW]

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Fear is a weird word in performing – because on some level, all performers are afraid. “Fear,” in a certain sense, is synonymous with “fuel.” Fear drives performers into taking on a risk in order to feel complete, to do what they have to do to get where they think they want to be. Musician […]

Governor in Argentina Rightly Lays Off 50 Percent of His Staff Via YouTube Video

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Alberto Weretilneck, governor of a region of Argentina called Rio Negro, has just been labelled a “coward” for firing half of his 340 person staff via a Spanish language YouTube video. Outrage has broken out worldwide over the video, which people are seeing as a cold act. “I decided to decrease the number of public […]

Doug ‘Doog’ Bresler Animates Smosh, Others Into His Ultimate Interview Show ‘Video Game Life’ [INTERVIEW]


Doug “Doog” Bresler has a very cool idea for a channel: Do the same interview everyone else is doing with celebrities both mainstream and YouTube-based, except ask really badass video game-inspired questions and then animate the interview into the most interesting version of itself. It’s flat out the niftiest concept for an interview show I […]

Brit Awards to Broadcast Live on YouTube

Brit Awards 2012 - Press Room - London

Afraid you were going to miss Britain’s version of the Grammys? Well fear no longer, because the Brit Awards are coming to YouTube. Live streaming on YouTube’s Brit Awards channel on February 19, the awards show has raised the stakes on attracting viewers from outside Britain through fan voting. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be […]

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