UPDATED: Is My Damn Channel Deleting Content From Abandoned ‘Modern Primate’ Channel To Repurpose Brand?

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UPDATE (01/22/14 19:52 PST): This is the kind of stuff that makes me feel bad that I get so frothing and “attack dog-like.” Here I assume the worst about an MCN and here they go, showing themselves off to be quite pleasant. From My Damn Channel: “With Modern Primate dormant since early last year, we […]

Furious Pete Hints At Network Unrest With FaceBook Post


We at NMR consider Furious Pete a friend. He’s been good to us; he even came down from Canada to be our Featured Rockstar. So you can imagine that we hate to see our friends unhappy, which is why this post he left on his private Facebook page has us baffled. I can’t imagine that […]

Microsoft Allegedly Paying For Machinima, YouTubers To Endorse The Xbox One


Whoops. We the users of YouTube are at a strategically interesting fork in the path. News has just broken that Microsoft is allegedly paying high-profile YouTube personalities for positive endorsements of the XBox One. According to a now-deleted Tweet from Machinima’s UK community manager, that MCN is particularly on board with this arrangement, which is […]

Facebook To Lose 80 Percent of Its Audience in Next Three Years, Study Says


Facebook is gearing up to lose 80 percent of their audience a new study says — and it’s not anything they are doing that will cost them. No, it’s just the nature of the game, says the study — dryly called, “Epidemiological Modeling of Online Social Networks.” A couple of eggheads at Princeton have been […]

‘Tuerck’d’ Star Ryan Tuerck Talks New Show ‘Drift Garage,’ Working with Network A [INTERVIEW]


Drifting, for those who aren’t aware, is a driving technique wherein the driver oversteers a corner to make their car go sideways … I only know this myself because I’m a hell of a “Mario Kart” player. And I’m only explaining what drifting is to you, dear reader, because if I hadn’t played “Mario Kart,” […]

Ron Jeremy Drops His Socks And … Sings ‘Wrecking Ball’ Parody [VIDEO]


How does seemingly everyone on Earth have access to a “Wrecking Ball” set but me? In what must be the end-all, be-all of “Wrecking Ball” parodies, big-dicked hedgehog Ron Jeremy has contributed his own take on the opus. What strikes me about the likeable porn legend’s spin on it, aside from the fact that Jeremy […]

Tyler Oakley, YouTube Stars Battle One Direction Over ‘Duck Dynasty,’ Fan Scamming on Twitter

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Okay, for the record, so our discussion can be a civil one, let me just say: I think “Duck Dynasty” sucks. I think the show, the plots and the “characters” are all phony and largely staged. Apparently Liam Payne of English boy-band One Direction doesn’t share that opinion because a tweet he sent over the […]

‘A Call To My Childhood Rapist Teacher’: Woman Confronts Her Abuser During Emotional YouTube Video

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How appropriate that on a day when we show a video of some of the worst that YouTube has to offer, we also cover YouTube at its most powerful: the global soapbox. This 28-year-old woman, who only refers to herself as “Jamie,” finally came to terms with the fact that she was molested by a […]

Guy Wears Ski Mask Into Banks For Disruption Prank on YouTube [VIDEO]


This is the natural progression of YouTube for anyone who is curious — the natural escalation of “comedy” in a reach for fame. The real question is: how does society react to it? Is this funny? Is it bold? Is it embarrassing? Is it nothing? Is it art? For more sociological questions of sorts, check […]

Austin Null: How To Become A Full-Time YouTuber [GUEST POST]

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It’s no secret that YouTube has become a place where creative people from all walks of life can make a living. Many people immediately jump to someone like Jenna Marbles, who quit her job as a promo girl in Boston to move out to L.A. and pursue YouTube and has been reported to be making […]

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