Ad Blitz Offers The Super Bowl Commercials Early — But Wait, There’s More

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Okay, for all of you who can’t wait for Christmas to open your presents, for those of you who read the last page of mystery novels first, meet Ad Blitz. The annual website that spoils SuperBowl commercials early, Ad Blitz is the king of ramping up the views for advertisers in addition to the big […]

Brazilian YouTuber With 850,000 Subscribers Might Lose Channel Over ‘The Simpsons’

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This in from our South American contingent: major Brazilian YouTube channel Canal Nostalgia is in danger of being shut down after Fox Broadcasting channel hit him with three strikes in a row over some “Simpsons” clips he used in the course of his culture commentary. Canal Nostalgia, which has over 850,000 subscribers and is a […]

The Nive Nulls’ Austin Null Announces That He Will Be Committing to YouTube Full Time [VIDEO]


A big NMR congratulations is in order: In an enthusiastic YouTube video uploaded today at noon by vlogger family The Nive Nulls, Austin Null announced that he would be quitting his job as Fullscreen’s social engagement strategist in order to take on YouTube full time. “I’m quitting my job because you guys are my job. […]

‘Mario Warfare’ Has The Perfect Ass-Kicker in Alena Koch’s ‘Princess Peach’ [INTERVIEW]


Alena Koch might be the punny-est person ever. Not only was she “game” for this interview about her involvement with “Mario Warfare” – a YouTube series based on the “Super Mario Bros.” video game franchise, but as you can see below, she concludes our interview saying that she had a “Peachy time” doing it. Okay, […]

Flula in ‘Slo-Mo’ Not Nearly As Appealing As Flula in ‘Reg-Mo’ [VIDEO]

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Oh my sweet, beautiful Flula. You are so delightfully creepy in slow-motion. I hope I live a thousand years and never dream again of the nightmare that is your lips flapping slowly. That being said, I hope I know you when we are old men and we can play checkers together in a park and […]

MTA Cop Fired After Assault Video Is Posted To YouTube, Now Suing [VIDEO]


Part of being an adult and getting to vote and have sex is that you have to realize that you have to make grown up decisions too. Like knowing your limitations. I didn’t become a police officer because I would inevitably become a corrupt police officer. This guy, former officer for the Penn Station MTA, […]

Science Calls It: Facebook Losing Teen Users At An Alarming Rate


iStrategy Labs has some grim statistics to report on Facebook: it’s losing its cool … fast. Of course we knew Facebook was diminishing in popularity, but it isn’t like polar ice caps melting, it’s more like popsicle on a hot day melting. At this rate, Facebook could achieve a rating of “Myspace” by the time […]

YouTube Video Gets A Pot Dealer Arrested [VIDEO]


William Bradley, 46, a Connecticut man is in jail tonight after a YouTube video he posted brought him down. The video, showing Bradley touring his marijuana garden, kicked off a six-month surveillance investigation which lead to a storage bin full of weed, coke and cash. Actually, it wasn’t really a whole bunch of any of […]

From ‘Star Trek’ to Howard Stern: How George Takei Became Host of ‘Takei’s Take’ And A Viral Superstar [INTERVIEW]

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This video might be an instant classic — not only does it feature George Takei, one of the hippest stars of Generation Viral (along with a Grumpy Cat and a Rhubarb Lady) but it has him explaining whether it’s “Tah-kai” or “Tah-kay-e.” As he explained to me off-camera, it rhymes with “toupee.” A particularly apt […]

Deca CEO Talks Kin Community Network’s Partner Selection, YouTube Original Channel Initative [INTERVIEW]

kin community feature

Top YouTube women’s network Kin Community recently scored a coup when they signed up Rosanna Pansino, Wayne Goss and Joy Cho as partners. The three join a roster headlined by Ellen DeGeneres’ “The Ellen Show” channel, whose presence alone makes the Kin stable pretty epic even without the big additions of Pansino and Goss, who […]

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