Deca CEO Talks Kin Community Network’s Partner Selection, YouTube Original Channel Initative [INTERVIEW]

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Top YouTube women’s network Kin Community recently scored a coup when they signed up Rosanna Pansino, Wayne Goss and Joy Cho as partners. The three join a roster headlined by Ellen DeGeneres’ “The Ellen Show” channel, whose presence alone makes the Kin stable pretty epic even without the big additions of Pansino and Goss, who […]

How @ Replaced # As the Coolest Symbol on Twitter, Facebook and Now Tumblr …


#what?! It turns out, when it comes to symbols, that the at sign (@) is a lot more potent on social media than the pound sign (#). First used on Twitter in 2006 when Robert Andersen, a freelance designer, posted the symbol to refer to another person in the Twittersphere, the @ then got adopted […]

Phil DeFranco Offers Up Theory As To Why YouTubers Are Afraid of 4K [VIDEO]

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Phil DeFranco has the answer to why YouTubers are afraid of 4K: every little imperfection will become visible. Talking with Lamarr Wilson for Mashable — apparently we’re doing a “Lamarr Wilson interviews people for Mashable and we crib the video two days later” sort of thing lately … but PhillyD correctly surmises that we as […]

Ray William Johnson Explains Why He Will Be Retiring ‘Equals Three’ in 2014 [VIDEO]

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On a recent episode of his podcast “Runaway Thoughts,” Ray William Johnson explained why it’s time to stop the “Equals Three” show that has long been his baby: “Like I’m getting to that point where, not only am I burnt out, but I feel like I need to move on. To put it into context, […]

AJ Rafael on Reaching 500K YouTube Subscribers and ‘Red Roses the Movie’ [INTERVIEW]


NMR BFF AJ Rafael recently hit a big YouTube milestone, and so here we are to celebrate: Happy 500K subscribers, AJ! Tonight, in your honor, we will be clubbing a few extra baby seals during NMR’s annual “Take Out Your Latent Anger on Cute Animals” pilgrimage. Don’t judge, NMR readers — these cathartic outings are […]

YouTubers — Is This You? Songversations With Jennifer Has A Pet Peeve


YouTube star Jennifer Chung who runs art/music/beauty/style page Songversations with Jennifer has a pet peeve. It’s not a huge one, it’s actually kind of adorable, but maybe it’s because she’s pretty adorable herself. If I had this pet peeve, people would probably be like, “Quit whining, ugly.” But the real test is how the rest of […]

Polar Bear Cub Learns To Walk At Toronto Zoo [VIDEO]

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Ladies and gents, you want cute? We’ve got cute. You want cuddly? We’ve got cuddly. You want a beast capable of swallowing you whole in one bite? Well … we don’t have that, but we’ve got the first two things in spades. I believe in the near future there will only be one super zoo […]

PewDiePie Makes 20 Million Subscribers A Club Of One


A few hours ago PewDiePie sent out a casual Twitter statement: “20 MILLION BROS!” Also one of those little sideways happy face emojis. In typical PewDiePie fashion he followed it up with: “dun tak 2 me unles yur famus leik me..” Ahh, funny and casual — apparently these are two very necessary traits to propel […]

‘If You’re Not Top Tier They Don’t Care About You’: Plus Model in the Making Shaqita Calls StyleHaul Out [INTERVIEW]

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Shaqita, curator and star of the Plus Model in the Making channel on YouTube, recently uploaded a fiery video regarding her former network partners Stylehaul. Colorfully reenacting her perceived treatment at the hands of the largest beauty network on YouTube, Shaqita intends for her video to be a cautionary tale for other creators. Craftily calling […]

Fullscreen To Delete Unlicensed Music Videos From Its Creators’ Channels After Legal Settlement


So apparently the safe harbor of a MCN isn’t quite the guarantee that it used to be … Fullscreen has agreed to scrub videos containing unlicensed music from its channels after some legal wrangling by the national Music Publishers’ Association. Licensed music — that is, stuff that falls under the scope of major record labels […]

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