‘Meet’ YouTube’s Most Anonymous — And Richest! — Power Couple: BluCollection & DisneyCollectorBR

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If you study the YouTube analytics as often as NMR does, you’ll see one unusual name pop up frequently along with PewDiePie and all the rest of the “regular” top performers: DisneyCollectorBR. She’s an interesting lady in that she is consistently on top of the YouTube performance charts and yet nobody seems to know who […]

Meet The Blackest Substance On The Planet — No, It’s Not Nash Grier’s Heart [VIDEO]

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Look, scientists have just invented the blackest thing on the planet, but spare us your race jokes on the matter because we’ve already made them all. Yes, even the one about Malcolm X’s coffee. This fabric substance, invented by English scientists, is called VantaBlack and it is so dense in its blackness that only 0.035 […]

Michelle Phan Sued Over Music In Her Beauty Vids; ‘Dozens’ of Copyright Infringement Instances Cited So Far

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Michelle Phan is now feeling the burn of success. Now that she’s up on that pedestal, everything she does can (and will) be observed. Including her use of unlicensed music throughout her videos. Ultra Records LLC and Ultra International Music Publishing LLC are suing Phan for copyright infringement, alleging she used songs and compilations without […]

Japanese Schoolgirl Chase Video Is Most WTF Thing You Will See Today (Unless You’re Into, You Know, Weird Stuff)

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You really can’t even call this parkour — parkour seems like that pussy French shit where limber boys hop over mailboxes. This is a whole other level. This is … ninja. There’s also a bit of photoplay trickery going on as this is evidently a commercial for some sort of lemon beverage. I don’t know […]

Have We Lost a Classic Internet Meme For Good?


It’s no secret that we live in troubled times. It seems that every day brings news of a new disaster or crisis. However, we believed that in our ever-changing world of woes there was still one thing we could count on. A classic internet meme so enduring that nothing could take it away from us. […]

Facebook Mentions Unveiled For Highly Followed Social Media Users


The world of social media is a popularity contest. In order for a network to thrive it has to attract and hold onto the cool kids. In the case of major social networks like Facebook and Twitter, those cool-kids are celebrities. Facebook, in particular, is anxious to attract and retain high-end users who will use […]

Twitter Called Out by Civil Rights Groups For Lack of Inclusion


Twitter is being called out this week by major civil rights organizations. The Rainbow PUSH Coalition, led by Rev. Jesse Jackson, and Color of Change are putting the heat on Twitter to release their diversity numbers for their staff. Facebook, Linkedin, Google and Yahoo have already complied with this request, only to showcase their ever-so […]

Author, YouTuber Paige McKenzie Starts Studio To Give Female Filmmakers A Voice

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If you thought NMR BFF Paige McKenzie was just going to lie around in some giant champagne glass surrounded by her stacks of money from her Weinstein Company deal, clearly you don’t know Sunshine Girl. Tackling the gender issue in filmmaking head on, Paige and her Coat Tale Productions team, which formed in 2011, are […]

Shield Bros. Accuse Weird Al of Stealing Lorde Twist For His New Parody

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Did Weird Al Yankovic, the long-standing king of parodying pop culture music, get a little underhanded with his latest video “Foil”? According to popular YouTube musicians and parody artists, the Shields Bros., that answer is a big, fat “yes.” “Have (you) seen Weird Al’s parody of ‘Royals,’ ‘Foil’? The Illuminati twist is actually stolen from […]

Joey Graceffa Releases Trailer for His New Short Film ‘Eon’


It’s been a big week for YouTubers breaking into new formats and announcing major projects. Now we can add another name to the list as Joey Graceffa, already one of YouTube’s most popular vloggers, releases the trailer for his upcoming short film “Eon.” The project is co-produced by Graceffa and his production partner Andrew Vallentine […]

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