Shark Tale? Dreamworks Animation May Be Looking To Gobble Up Vevo in Latest YouTube Takeover


Nom nom nom … that’s the sound of giant media companies gobbling up YouTube companies like movie theatre popcorn mixed with Hot Tamales (try it — it’s good). Next up to be devoured? Vevo. The devourer? Dreamworks Animation, the studio behind hits like “Shrek” and “Puss In Boots.” Also, there was that pesky matter of […]

‘I’m Gonna Shoot Your Balls Off’ YouTube Election Video Might Just Get Iowa Man Elected Senator [VIDEO]

Screen shot 2014-04-10 at 6.35.01 PM

Can $858 get a man elected senator? It can if that man is new YouTube star Bob Quast. Quast, an Iowa man who entered the race for the Iowa senate seat was just screwing around and not taking his “campaign” all that seriously. And then he released this video: Playing off another contender’s campaign promise […]

Grace Helbig, Hannah Hart and Mamrie Hart Planning ‘Something’ To Follow Up ‘Camp Takota’ …


Like “Camp Takota”? Good news: a follow-up with Mamrie Hart, Hannah Hart and Grace Helbig is coming! Didn’t like “Camp Takota”? Well, also good news because that follow-up is likely not a sequel. We say “likely” because the trio of stars and their producer, Michael Goldfine, have admitted that something is in the works, but […]

Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Danny Zappin Delaying Disney’s $500mm Acquisition of Maker Studios

maker disney

I’ve never been a particularly good listener when it comes to authority figures, so when reclusive NMR owner Danny Zappin temporarily poked his head out of his likely Walden Pond cabin (okay, except the cabin is a hipster bachelor pad, and Walden Pond is Venice Beach) to comment on a recent NMR article, the decisively […]

Your Ultimate Guide to the 6 Types Of #AfterSexSelfies [NSFW]


People are pretty grossed out by this trend, but I wholeheartedly endorse it — I think everyone should post an “after-sex selfie.” #Aftersexselfies, which have become surprisingly popular on Twitter, Instagram and every other photo-sharing site that utilizes a hashtag, are not only the voyeurs’ near-ultimate dream (it’s like I’m inside the bedroom with these […]

Me, Myself & I: Boyfriend Twins Is The Wacky New Tumblr You Should Be Following


If you are ever on Final Jeopardy and the answer is, “This straddles the line perfectly between creepy and cute,” NMR has your back. Meet Boyfriend Twins, the hot Tumblr that is making everyone see double. For those of you too lazy to scroll down and look at the pictures we’ve posted in our gallery, […]

Must-Watch of the Day: Screaming Goats Perform ‘Game of Thrones’ Opening Theme [VIDEO]

Screen shot 2014-04-09 at 6.38.41 PM

Like pairing pizza and beer, the internet has brought the best of two worlds together at last: “Game of Thrones” and screaming goats. Forming the delightful “Game of Goats,” this fantastic video uses the lamenting ululations of goats and sheep to formulate the opening credit theme of hit HBO show “Game of Thrones.” If we […]

Is Reddit’s ‘Worst’ Subreddit Back Up And Running? Creepshots Has A New Name …


  When I was a kid, a man wanted to open a strip club in my small hometown. The city came up with all sorts of ways to “not be zoned” for a nudie bar. So that guy did what any savvy T&A proprietor worth his salt would do — he opened up a nude […]

StampyLongHead Partners With Maker For Education-Based ‘Minecraft’ Channel


StampyLongHead is looking to become the Mr. Rogers of gaming. British gamer Joseph Garrett, who goes by the gaming handle StampyLongHead, has just partnered up with Maker Studios to create a new gaming channel that is purely education-based. Revolving around the infinite world of “Minecraft,” Garett aims to teach children positive lessons and intelligence-growing lessons […]

‘Internet Killed Television’ Couple Charles and Alli Trippy Have Separated

charles alli trippy

Official YouTuber bummer of the month: Charles and Alli Trippy of “Internet Killed Television” fame are separating. In a video titled “We Need to Talk” posted yesterday to his CTFxC YouTube channel — which has also served as the five-year home to the pair’s “Internet Killed Television” series documenting their coupled life – a downbeat Charles gave […]

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