Facebook Comment About Shooting School Kids Could Land Teen in Jail For 8 Years


“We take jokes very seriously.” That’s the sign at the airport relating to assholes making quips about having bombs in their suitcases — apparently now it is stamped on Texas as well. A 19-year-old Texas teen, Justin Carter, has been in jail since March 27th, charged with making “terrorist threats” after a snide comment on […]

YouTube Keeps Vevo, Acquires 7 Percent Stake In Music Video Distributor


Google is keeping music video and content distributor Vevo as a YouTube partner for an undisclosed sum and a 7 percent stake, Billboard reported. The music video distributor, which is owned by Universal Music, Sony Music Entertainment and the Abu Dhabi Media Group, is a significant player on the video-streaming site, garnering around 50.2 million […]

Celebrate The 4th Of July Early By Watching An Unmanned Russian Rocket Explode [VIDEOS]


We all have bad days, right? Sometimes we just need something to remind us that, shit, no matter how heavy it seems at the moment, it could be much worse. It’s the reason we watch shows about hoarders and child beauty pageants. Sure, much of it is consumed for entertainment value, but it would be […]

Kurt Hugo Schneider Shares ‘The Sounds of AHH’ With ‘Little Talks’ Cover [VIDEO]


YouTube musical sensation Kurt Hugo Schneider is collaborating with Coca-Cola by releasing his cover of Icelandic indie-folk band Of Monster and Men’s hit single “Little Talks.” The video, which was produced together with media partner Alloy Digital, features friend and NBC’s “The Sing Off” winner Kevin Olusola on the cello and beatbox. It is part […]

Filter Fakers Tumblr Enforces The #Nofilter Rule By Shaming Instagram Hashtag Cheaters


If Instagram users want to use the #nofilter hashtag for their photos, they better be sure there’s no filter. A Tumblr site called Filter Fakers has become the de facto filter police by shaming Instagram users who claim they are using #nofilter to show off how awesome they are on the iPhone camera. In reality, […]

Chris Bingham aka Slomozovo Takes Shots At The Corporate Side Of YouTube In New Video


Creator Christopher Bingham (Slomozovo) has the recipe for making big bucks on YouTube, or at least the recipe that most network heads are selling. Acting the part of a YouTube big shot, Bingham in the video titled “How To Earn Money on YouTube” lays out several no-nonsense ways to not be bored and receive at […]

Kingsley: My Top 3 Inspirational LGBT YouTube Creators [#ProudtoLove Series Guest Post]


As a member of the YouTube community, I have been blessed with an amazing platform and a special group of supporters I wouldn’t trade for the world. Being a part of the LGBT community within this pool of creators has been just as spectacular. However, I wouldn’t be where I am if it wasn’t for […]

Ruv, Bacon and Science: NMR’s Top 10 Canadian YouTubers


Despite sharing a land and water border, many Americans know very little about their neighbor to the North. When Americans think of Canada, they think of Mounties, hockey and rivers of maple syrup. Obviously, Canada’s more than these stereotypes—especially when it comes to YouTube creators. For its relatively small size, Canada has its fair share […]

Would Not Eat – Sexy Pancake is Viral Thai Lady-boy [VIDEO]


There are “shims” I would get my “bajiggity” on with, and “shims” I would not get my “bajiggity” on with. Sexy Pancake star Niwat Sangwor is unfortunately the latter. Not to be confused with Soul Pancake, the hub of such innovative YouTube content as “Kid President,” Sexy Pancake is the Facebook page for Thailand’s newest […]

12 Strips of Bacon: Epic Meal Time Star In New Commercial For Life-Ending Fast Food Chain’s Super Bacon Burger


What’s blowing my mind is that no other fast food franchise tried this sooner — Carl’s Jr., or Hardee’s as it’s known in some places, have recruited none other than Harley Morenstein and Muscles Glasses of Epic Meal Time. Apparently, Carl Jr. decided that two or three strips of bacon wasn’t enough for his burgers, […]

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