Private Zuckerberg Family Photo Pops Up Publicly on Facebook; Apparently Nobody is Safe


So it turns out that not even the Zuckerberg clan is immune from embarrassing private photos popping up publicly on Facebook. Somehow that doesn’t make me feel any better though.The photo, an image that Mark Zuckerberg’s sister posted to her private Facebook account, is of the Zuckerberg family standing in their kitchen, reacting to a new […]

User @Fart Goes Viral After He Retweets Ungrateful Christmas Tweets


So, you didn’t get the black iPad Mini that you wanted? I bet you’re on Twitter right now ranting about how it’s a travesty that you didn’t get that awesome Christmas present. Here’s a box of tissues. You’ll need it once Jon Hendren is finished with you. That’s right, the internet writer who goes by […]

Hacker Risks Jail To Screw With Hate Group’s Twitter Accounts


Sometimes as a nation we seem so indifferent to everything going on around us that it is nice to see someone take a stand. Even if that stand gets them sent to jail.A 15 year-old hacker who goes by the handle “Cosmo the God” just became my newest hero. His hatred of the Westboro Baptist […]

Good News! Twitter Archives Kinda Sorta Have Arrived!


So Twitter is finally getting around to allowing commoners access to their old tweets. It’s not the greatest method yet, but it’s something.The Twitter archives, an oft-speculated about notion, somewhat akin to Area 51, apparently do exist, and apparently all your old links on them are still quite clickable. Here’s the problem: Your archives currently come […]

Kat Von D, Deadmau5 Get Engaged on Twitter — Why?


Okay, I’m going to go on a small rant here, but who the hell gets engaged on Twitter? Apparently Kat Von D and Dangermau5, and I couldn’t be happier for the both of them (I told you it was only a small rant). Actually, I like non-traditional engagements — I think if you do it […]

Morgan Freeman Outburst is Hoax, But ‘New Media’ is Finding Its Way In the Midst of Tragedy


So Friday was kind of a bad day for everyone, yeah? New media had a ton of influence in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook massacre, and while it does come off as a bit cold-hearted to mention that new media finds its place more solidly with every new tragedy, consider the events of this […]

The Fine Bros., Philip DeFranco, More YouTubers Weigh in on RWJ & Maker Studios Feud


If the dispute between Maker Studios and Ray William Johnson taught us anything about the YouTube community, it was that this is still a very young industry. Some networks and creators are still far away from building airtight relationships. The falling out of two of YouTube’s biggest players clearly drove this point home. As this […]

Infographic: How Did Social Media Impact Charitable Giving In 2012?


The folks at MDG Advertising created this visually impressive and easy-to-read infographic detailing social media’s influence on charitable giving this past year. In the introduction to the infographic, they wrote: “Raising money for good causes has more than doubled in the last 5 years. With the ever-increasing usage of social media and the viral nature […]

Shay Carl, Philip DeFranco and Kassem G Sound Off On Ray William Johnson Controversy Via Twitter


[Update 12/12/12 12:34 p.m. PST] Other YouTubers are now weighing in on the situation via Twitter: As the NMR exclusive story behind Ray William Johnson’s controversial separation from Maker Studios hit the Twittersphere, YouTubers scrambled to take sides either for or against the popular digital video network. One of those YouTubers defending the network is […]

Manny Pacquiao Immortalized in ‘Mannying’ Meme In Wake Of Epic Loss [GALLERY]


This past weekend, a particular fight went down that would go on to drop the hearts of the entire Filipino nation. Legendary Manny “Pacman” Pacquaio lost against rival boxer Juan Manuel Marquez. The Filipino icon fell after being struck with a monstrous knock out punch from Marquez in the sixth round. What resulted was a […]

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