‘Beat Girl’ Web Series Director Takes Novel Approach and Uses Pinterest for Video Uploads [INTERVIEW]


One Pinterest-filled afternoon as I was pinning away my favorite outfits to the folders on my account, I randomly stumbled upon the “Beat Girl” web diaries. After an overload of inspirational quotes, puppy pictures and tattoo designs, this series jumped from the page with its mood boards filled with videos rather than photos. Videos on […]

Instagram Pics Showing Up Wonky On Twitter: Is Tech’s Latest ‘Feud’ Going Nuclear?


We’re still in the early stages of this online atomic bomb detonating between Twitter and Instagram, but I think we’ve just seen the eerie blue flash that occurs right before everything goes KA-BLAMMO! As you Instagram-on-Twitter types have doubtlessly become aware (or maybe you didn’t and you’re now going to go screaming off the deep end), […]

Obama’s Social Media Strategist Talks to NMR About Being the Voice of the President [INTERVIEW]


On the night of the election, after receiving confirmation of President Obama’s victory, Laura Olin and her social media team uploaded a photo that would become one of the most memorable photos in American history. Titled “Four More Years,” the iconic photograph of a content-looking President Obama hugging his wife Michelle has since become the […]

Schwag For Everyone: New Media Expo Is 2013′s Destination For All Things Digital Media


The problem with the term “new media” is that it is very vague. In a way, new media could apply to any media platform that existed after cave paintings. Technically, if we are going to categorize digital media as “new media,” then we should at least have more accurate bounding boxes in which to hold […]

19 Likeliest Pope Benedict XVI Tweets From His Holiness’ New Twitter Account


Eliciting the phrase, “Now-a that’s-a spicy a-meatball,” the Pope is coming to Twitter!!! Pope Benedict XVI (shocking update: that’s not his real name) has announced that he will soon be starting a Twitter account. Unfortunately, tweeting that you now have a Twitter account is the only reason to have a Twitter account, and the Pope, […]

#1ReasonWhy on Twitter Reveals Sexism, Misogyny Against Women in Gaming


Burn the bras! The women of the gaming industry are here, and they are pissed. In Twitter’s newest viral hashtag, #1reasonwhy, women have revealed the prevailing sexism, sexual harassment and condescension they are facing in the male-dominated gaming community. Created in response to a simple question posed from Twitter user Burning_Luke, “Why are there so […]

Some Dicks Named Their Newborn Baby ‘Hashtag Jameson’


There are a few reasons I want to punch this “piece of news” right in the mouth. First and foremost, the article in which I first read about it was labeled with the cringe-worthy title: “Twitter all atwitter over newborn girl allegedly named Hashtag Jameson, but skeptics wonder if Facebook baby post is just a […]

#TwitterFiction Festival Tells Stories 140 Characters At A Time


When it comes to Twitter, the last thing on people’s mind is literature. Hardly anyone thinks of Twitter as a venue for short stories or, God forbid, novels. Literary powers are trying to change the notion that 140 characters can’t tell a compelling story. Starting today, the first Twitter Fiction Festival will feature micro-contributions from […]

Chris Brown Deletes Twitter Account Over Verbal Beatdown By Woman


For the record, Chris Brown is a foolish woman-beater and Jenny Johnson is hilarious. That being said, there is something of an obnoxious oversight in the story of Chris Brown deleting his Twitter account over the weekend. Everything I’ve read so far on the matter is this crazy slant about how “evil Chris Brown” attacked some […]

3 Social Media Lessons Learned from President Obama’s Digital Media Team


With the heat of this year’s presidential election beginning to cool, we the social media lovers now have a chance to really examine the true extent of President Obama’s victory. Now having peeled off the Romney bumper stickers and hung up the Obama posters, it can be said that this election was partly defined by […]

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