The New York Times Has Beef With A Parody Account, And Twitter Is ON IT


The New York Times was none too happy over a parody Twitter account that pokes fun at the newspaper’s more pretentious and obvious lifestyle stories. Even though the owner of “The Times Is On It” account clearly stated it was a parody of a certain newspaper, the Times forced Twitter to temporarily shut down “The […]

Must-Watch: PBS Video Debates The Impact of Twitter on Journalism


Even though people are getting their news more conveniently than ever thanks to the Internet and social media, it hasn’t helped newsrooms worldwide. They’re smaller than ever and are trying to adapt to an audience that wants more information than ever. But satisfying that constant wave of information isn’t enough. Craig Kanalley, senior editor of […]

Twitter Says Farewell To An Old Friend — The Twinkie


With Hostess announcing that they’re going out of business, this might well spell the end of Twinkie’s, Ding Dongs and (thank God) Sno Balls. As a fat person, Hostess and their array of delicious sweets have gotten me through some pretty tough times. Most notably was the type 2 diabetes (Di-beetus!) scare of ‘07. Twinkies […]

Don’t Own a Twitter Account? Tweets Are Coming Soon To An Email Near You


I think Twitter is making a huge mistake. The micro-blogging platform announced today that they will be adding the ability to email tweets, a feature that will allow non-Twitter users access to funny, memorable or controversial postings. The email function will be be found under a new “more” button on the masthead, and if it’s not […]

Israel, Hamas Bring Escalating Gaza Strip Battle Onto Twitter


The world’s eyes are focused on the increasingly escalating battle between Israel and the Hamas government on the Gaza Strip after the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) killed militant leader Ahmed Jabari and spawned missile attacks from both sides. But while soldiers and militants are prepping for a possible ground battle, another battle is taking place […]

Guy Fieri Gets ‘Pissed On’ By Internet Over Bad NY Times Restaurant Review


Every so often, the Internet bands together for a good cause. Usually it is for a public shaming of a cat abuser or someone who is mean to little kids. The last couple days though, the focus has been squarely on Guy Fieri — who actually might be more annoying than those other two. Fieri, a […]

Mozilla’s Free Popcorn Maker App: Remix Your Videos the Easy Way


We often watch videos without ever fully understanding the context of what we’re watching. Mozilla seems to have a solution for creators wanting to remix videos with content from the web and social media sites. Today, they launched their free Popcorn Maker app during the Mozilla Festival in London. This app makes it simple for […]

Pistachios Just Might Win You $10,000 in Twitter Contest


Like puzzles? Like money? Like pistachios? You just hit the jackpot, my friend. In an attempt to “crack” (ahh, nut puns) the “mysterious world” of young people, Wonderful Pistachios has once again turned to social media in a desperate bid to become relevant. Of course, they’re giving away $10,000 so I’ll listen. In a new […]

Anti-Obama Twitterers Threaten To Move To Australia, End Up Getting Schooled


In the last couple of presidential and congressional elections, a few supporters on the losing side have taken to social media networks to say if so-and-so loses the election, they’re moving to another country. If you’re going to make a statement like “If Romney loses, I’m moving to Australia,” especially if you’re a conservative Republican […]

Twitter Gets Hacked: NMR Helps You Change Your Password, Cajun-Style!


So Twitter got hacked, and now they’re sending out a bunch of emails asking people like NMR writer Matthew Manarino to change their passwords. Also the knobjobs at TechCrunch. I’m guessing a lot of these people had really stupid passwords. Like “password.” Or the thinking man’s lazy password: “password1.” Now while I don’t worry too […]

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