Top 12 Angriest Republican Celebrity Tweets Over President Obama’s Re-Election


For every winner there is at least one loser. On Twitter, and in the rest of America, there were many losers last night; most of them were Republicans. It isn’t so bad though: For the next four years, right-wing talk shows will have plenty of piss and vinegar, and anything bad that happens can be […]

Obama’s Victory Hug Image Breaks the Record for Most-Liked Facebook Photo Ever


On a day when President Obama is celebrating his handily-won upcoming second term in office, Facebook + Journalists has declared him a winner in another area as well: His campaign has broken a Facebook record by having the most-liked photo of all time. The photo, posted hours after his re-election victory, shows Obama embracing his […]

Twitter to Take on Facebook’s Instagram with Addition of Photo Filter Options


Twitter has finally responded to rival social media network Facebook’s buyout of Instagram, and they seem to be saying “Two can play that game.” In an attempt to blunt the popularity of the smartphone photo-sharing app, Twitter will reportedly be rolling out its own photo filtering option “in the coming months,” according to a report […]

Drudge Gets Pranked By Hurricane Sandy ‘Looters’: Are Trolls Good For The News?


Initially, I was positively frothing with delight at hearing that an online trolling group, the impressively-named Gay Nigger Association of America, had “pwned” the Drudge Report. The GNAA had published photos and blurbs on Twitter purporting to be of black individuals positively crowing over the amount of swag they’d stolen during Hurricane Sandy. One guy […]

Lydia Callis, ‘The Hands’ Of Hurricane Sandy, Is A Bonafide Internet Star [VIDEO]


Lydia Callis has been called Michael Bloomberg’s “humanity.” Callis, the sign language interpreter for the mayor of New York City, combines her facial expressions with the deft motions of her fingers to convey all the emotion that Bloomberg appears to lack. And on the heels of Hurricane Sandy, Callis has now become a star. Callis, […]

Viral ‘Hurricane Sandy Guards’ Picture on Twitter is Patriotic … But a Hoax


So it seems the “hero shot” of three unnamed infantrymen standing vigilant at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier all through the pounding weather of Hurricane Sandy, is yet another in a long line of Twitter hoaxes. The Old Guard infantry unit charged with keeping watch over the tomb confirmed today via Twitter that the photo, […]

Conservative Firebrand Ann Coulter Tweets that Obama is a ‘Retard’ — Is She?


Ann Coulter called President Obama a “retard” on Twitter? I love when stories like this come down the pipeline because it gives me a chance to shoehorn in my own some-might-say “naturally contrarian” opinion.Being an alleged contrarian, of course, I would naturally disagree with that assessment. Basically, what happened was this: On Monday night, after […]

Twitter Too Free For Your Liking? Give New Microblogging Site Pheed A Try …


Have you ever been reading Ashley Tisdale’s latest philosophical musing on Twitter only to suddenly exclaim, “Hey! I don’t deserve to read this for free. I wish Ashley could find some way to charge me for this wealth of learning she has bestowed upon me.” Good news to both you and Ashley Tisdale, because now […]

Twitter to Debut Its Own Original Video Programming ‘EpicEDM’


Earlier this month, NMR discussed how Twitter might start its own video-hosting service as part of its makeover as a multimedia-friendly platform. Plans to host videos came after Twitter introduced website changes like header photos, which are similar to Facebook’s video cover. Video-hosting on Twitter will soon become a reality. Not only will Twitter host […]

Twitter Finally Uses Censorship Tool — And How You Can Bypass It


In the past, many countries have tried to pressure social media channels like Twitter and Facebook into blocking so-called “hate speech” on their sites. The calls for censorship were louder than ever after the recent “Innocence of Muslims” video sparked violent demonstrations in the Muslim world. Twitter announced in January that it had the technology […]

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