Death Threat-Sending Troll Is Tracked Down By Blogger With Suprising Results


If you’ve been browsing the Web for a while, there’s no doubt that you have come across an internet troll or two. If you are one of the unlucky who have tangled with a troll to point of wanting to choke a fool, this piece of internet news is for you. Leo Traynor, a political […]

LeVar Burton | Actor, Director


You have no idea how badly I wanted to break into a serenade of the “Reading Rainbow” theme song while sitting across from LeVar Burton. No idea. Bad like Hungry Hungry Hippos wanting the last white marble thingy bad. Like I said, no idea. Play along with me here so that you can feel some […]

Twitter Founder Biz Stone Wants You to Help Make his Movie, ‘Project Imaginat10n’ #inspirebiz


Twitter founder Biz Stone is moving on. He wants to direct 10 short films, and, of course, he’s asking you, the Twittersphere, for help. The entrepreneur is calling for ideas for his film project with Canon USA called “Project Imaginat10n,” which will be “inspired” by Twitter-submitted photos. He also has the backing of famous celebrities […]

NFL Player’s Explosive Tweets Further Proof that Twitter Is Not A Friend To Pro Athletes


It seems like all of America saw the Green Bay Packers get ripped off on “Monday Night Football,” but for anyone who missed it, the Internet has your back. A Twitter post by Offensive Guard TJ Lang of the Packers has hit the stratosphere with an impressive 55,000 retweets in just 45 minutes. The post, […]

The Aporkalypse: Internet Going Mad Over Impending Bacon Shortage


Need proof that God is dead? Look no further than the Twitterverse, which is exploding today with the recent announcement that there will soon be an extreme shortage of the Internet’s favorite food: bacon. They’re calling it “The Aporkalypse.” Confirmed by the National Pig Association, a Britain-based pork industry group, “a world shortage of pork […]

Kimmel, Tracy Morgan Prank Twitter Users At Emmy’s [VIDEO]


There were exactly two events at last night’s otherwise ho-hum Emmys that applied to the social media landscape: Tracy Morgan’s “pass out” and Claire Dane’s “holla!” Morgan, formerly the brilliant “Astronaut Jones” on SNL, now of “30 Rock,” was “innocently selected” by Emmy host Jimmy Kimmelto participate in an ABC advertisement masquerading as a social […]

Muslim Humor Doesn’t Bomb On Twitter #MuslimRage


Newsweek proposed that outraged citizens should take to the Twitter feed #MuslimRage to comment regarding the magazine’s current cover story of unrest in the Islamic people. It didn’t work out that way. What they expected were a torrent of angry comments from right wing nutjobs and Muslims, maybe a few frank declarations from the occasional […]

Twitter’s New “Header Photo” Feature: More Like Facebook?


Twitter is mimicking Facebook by making minor changes to its layout, including the introduction of their version of the cover photo. Celebrities like Ryan Seacrest and Matt Lauer have already taken advantage of the new “Header Photo,” which is Twitter’s term for cover photo. The only difference between Facebook’s cover photo and Twitter’s “Header Photo” […]

Moving On? 9/11 Tweets From the Comedy Twittersphere


On 09/11/2001, my mom woke me up to tell me a plane flew into the World Trade Center, and also “Happy Birthday.” That night, some friends and family went out with me to celebrate my 20th year on the planet. We were the only ones in town having a good time. The next year, my […]

Rapper Dies in Suspected DUI Car Crash Minutes after #YOLO Tweet


Even since rapper Drake uttered the prophetic words, “You only live once, that’s the motto, n***a YOLO,” in his song “The Anthem,” people worldwide have hashtagged it on Twitter ad nauseam and interpreted it however they pleased. Want to blow a lot of money on a yacht? YOLO! Apparently, for aspiring rapper Inkyy (sometimes also known […]

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