Your Ultimate Guide to the 6 Types Of #AfterSexSelfies [NSFW]


People are pretty grossed out by this trend, but I wholeheartedly endorse it — I think everyone should post an “after-sex selfie.” #Aftersexselfies, which have become surprisingly popular on Twitter, Instagram and every other photo-sharing site that utilizes a hashtag, are not only the voyeurs’ near-ultimate dream (it’s like I’m inside the bedroom with these […]

CrapTaxidermy Is The Funniest And Saddest Twitter Page You Will Ever Definitely Follow [GALLERY]


The internet has a real thing for animals — in all their forms. That includes dead animals, tragically stuffed and mounted by inept humans. People have this real hangup about dying with dignity. We feel like we should bury or cremate humans as opposed to letting their carcasses get feasted on by animals who could […]

Twitter Snags Top YouTube Exec To Help Make Video Ad Revenue A Reality


Anybody got any eggs or endangered species? Twitter is in the poaching business. Snagging one of YouTube’s top executives, Twitter is looking to scare up more ad revenue. The executive in question, Baljeet Singh, worked at Google/YouTube for five years and developed the program that allow for skippable ads at the beginning of videos — […]

Twitter Bans Porn on Vine: Ash Wednesday Is Followed By Bitter Thursday


You made a powerful enemy today, Twitter … Twitter, the microblogging platform, made waves today when it announced it would no longer allow pornography on its microvideo site, Vine. To be fair, I didn’t know that there was pornography on Vine until now, as the company does a fine job of suppressing it into niche […]

Total Viral Recap: Oscars 2014 — The Biggest Social Media Moments of the Evening


Despite being at an Oscar party last night, NMR actually caught very little of the Oscars themselves. And so we had to catch up on all the viral activity today, with the rest of you who didn’t catch them live. The biggest viral events that made our radar? Ellen Degeneres takes the biggest, most trending […]

Seth Rogen Burns Senator Mark Kirk On Twitter For Ditching His Alzheimer’s Speech


If you need a reason to have less faith in Congress, here it is: Seth Rogen gave a stirring and personal speech yesterday on the devastating effects of Alzheimer’s. His mother-in-law is afflicted with it and he got to witness as she succumbed to the disease in her mid-50s. Too bad only a cursory couple […]

Perez Hilton ‘Compares’ Black Women to Hitler on Twitter; Illogical Hysteria Ensues


Perez Hilton frequently strikes in me the image of a dog whimpering and covering its genitals with its tail. Every so often a story comes up where he seems to be bickering with someone over some incendiary thing he said. That I can respect — there are far too many fussy assholes out there who […]

F*ck That: The 9 Most Popular Swear Words On Twitter [NSFW]


When researchers released a list of the most popular swear words on Twitter, for some reason my mind went to a magical place — a place chockablock full of majestically profane words I’d never heard before. I imagined nine words of such eye-popping vulgarity and complexity, that to see them would result in a shrieking, […]

Are You Guilty of ‘Twibel’? What Courtney Love’s Twitter Lawsuit Means For Social Media [INTERVIEW]


Considering the landmark nature of the case, the recent verdict in the Courtney Love Twitter defamation case passed relatively quietly. Now if you’re looking up from your tin of beans saying, “What Courtney Love Twitter defamation case? And why should I care?” That’s perfectly understandable. I myself failed to recognize the magnitude and potential implication […]

Twitter To Possibly Look A Lot More Like Facebook With New Site Design


Is Twitter getting a facelift? Tragically, something mysterious seems up with the microblogging site as both Time and Mashable editors have caught sight of Twitter’s alleged new layout page in beta. While the site didn’t last, Time managed to get a screengrab of the potential new layout and it looks, well, alarmingly, like many of […]

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