Is Twitter the New Super Bowl Advertising Hub?

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Last year Oreo “won” Twitter during the Super Bowl when the cookie company ran a viral promotion on their Twitter page – for free. The tweet, which read “Power out? No problem” also included a promotional piece showing an Oreo cookie in a darkened room with the tagline “You can still dunk in the dark.” […]

Tyler Oakley, YouTube Stars Battle One Direction Over ‘Duck Dynasty,’ Fan Scamming on Twitter

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Okay, for the record, so our discussion can be a civil one, let me just say: I think “Duck Dynasty” sucks. I think the show, the plots and the “characters” are all phony and largely staged. Apparently Liam Payne of English boy-band One Direction doesn’t share that opinion because a tweet he sent over the […]

Facebook Hacks, Twitter Fumbles and YouTube Gaffes: The Top 5 Internet Screw-ups of 2013


The internet had its share of ups and downs in 2013, but arguably the following few were some of the biggest fails we’ve ever seen. Hopefully most of them (particularly #4 and #1) won’t ever be repeated, but we at NMR are realists: we kind of need this stuff to go down so that we […]

Celebrating Twitter’s IPO [TWTR] With The 15 Funniest Comments From Twitter


Ahh, it’s nice to see the rich guys get richer. So Twitter had their big IPO today and Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s founder, used his clout to get newly minted internet hero Sir Patrick Stewart there to ring the bell. Considering that Twitter was not formerly a profitable company (losses of $133 million in first quarter […]

Twitter Teaches You How To Use Hashtags Right


Hashtags on Twitter are important in reaching out to the right group of people on the microblogging site. However, brands and individuals are left wondering which hashtag is right for them. Twitter UK released an infographic showcasing the best practices for using the hashtag feature. Some of the highlights in the flowchart include integrating the […]

Dr. Phil Outrages Fans After Posting Controversial Sexual Assault Comment On Twitter


On Tuesday, television talk show host Dr. Phil posted on Twitter a controversial question asking his followers their thoughts on women’s ability to give consent while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The tweet, which has since been taken down from Dr. Phil’s account, stated: The tweet received hundreds of replies from angry Twitter […]

Twitter’s Vine Celebrates More Than 40 Million Users


Despite the entry of Facebook’s Instagram into the mobile video market, Twitter’s Vine app keeps growing and has just celebrated its 40 millionth user. Vine made the announcement via Twitter: “We’ve said this before and we’ll say it again: this community – now more than 40 million of you – is amazing. Thank you for […]

Twitter Tests New TV Feature That Will Allow Users To Better Keep Up With Their Favorite Shows


Twitter has recently begun testing a new feature that places cards with links to popular TV shows at the top of users’ timelines. With the new feature, Twitter is working to increase traffic and the amount of TV content available on the platform. The TV cards will display links to the show’s Twitter account, related […]

Twitter Visually Charts The Success of 2013’s Most Viral Videos So Far


Twitter has analyzed three of the most viral videos of 2013 so far and have charted their virality on their site. The three videos they analyzed were the “Ryan Gosling Won’t Eat His Cereal” video series, Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield’s rendition of “Space Oddity” inside the International Space Station and the Dove “Real Beauty Sketches” […]

In Light Of Twitter’s New ‘Abuse’ Button, Here Are The Top 10 Mass Twitter Attacks


So Twitter has finally given a “whistle” to the victims who get attacked by trolls and cyber bullies on their site. That whistle comes in the form of a “report abuse” button that allows harassed individuals to send individuals tweets to the attention of the site moderators. But what happens when you’re inundated by hundreds […]

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