Vine Toilet Video Shows Why ‘I’m Busy’ Really Means ‘I’m Busy’


Mothers, heed this advice: If your son is in the toilet taking a leak, please don’t nag him constantly. Seriously, your chores can wait another 30 seconds. Otherwise it will get really, really messy. The hilarious Vine video above shows what happens when moms nag their sons while they’re in the toilet. You’ve been warned. […]

Woman’s Freakout At LA Apple Store Captured In Viral Vine Clip [VIDEO]


Apple users who need service for their products have to schedule an Apple Store appointment. Apparently, one lady who didn’t have an appointment got really angry when she couldn’t get immediate service. Actress Porscha Coleman filmed the tirade at an Apple Store in Los Angeles, where the young mother complains at the top of her […]

Just Like Tumblr, Vine Blocks The Term ‘Gay’ From Its Smartphone App Search


Tumblr has been getting flack as of late for blocking LGBT-related tags from its iPhone and iPad apps, but it’s not the only social media network that’s getting criticism for blocking such content. A quick search on Vine’s mobile app for the term “gay” brings up a sad face with the words “No tags found.” […]

Grandson’s Twitter Account ‘Thing On My Nan’ Goes Viral, Grandmother Is Not Amused


Move over, Grumpy Cat, there is a new sour-puss in town. 71-year-old grandmother Jean Nokes has became an internet superstar after her grandson Jamie created a Twitter account in her honor. The account, “Things On My Nan,” captures photos of Jamie’s nan balancing random household appliances on her head. In each picture, Jean appears in […]

Social Media Guru Commemorates Father’s Memory With Hashtag #OceanLoveEarl


Co-author of the book “The Networked Nonprofit,” Beth Kanter has made a name for herself in the social media world for her work promoting social media and technology. But this week Beth is using her years of social media experience for a more personal campaign: to commemorate the memory of her father, Earl Kanter. After […]

Alec Baldwin Quits Twitter – A Look Back At His Best And Craziest Tweets [TIMELINE]


  Twitter has just lost one of its most … interesting voices. Alec Baldwin, who just announced that he was quitting Twitter forever after his latest Twitter flap (involving the use of gay slurs and James Gandolfini’s funeral), has long been known for his colorful language and “loose lips” policy when it came to social […]

Chick-fil-A President Posts Disappointed Gay Marriage Tweet, Redacts It


Chick-fil-A, would ya shut up already? Look, you make tasty chicken, we get that. We know that you are inconveniently closed on Sundays and are totally keen on Jesus. But America has turned the page on the book of life and begun penning a new chapter. And your pissy Twitter posts and comments are raining […]

Twitter to Develop ‘DVR Mode’ to Replay Live Events, Also Aim to Eliminate Cyberbullying


One of the problems with Twitter, especially with live breaking events such as the Boston Marathon bombings, the great Texas filibuster and today’s Supreme Court decisions on same-sex marriage, is trying to filter out the important tweets from everything else. Twitter wants to solve the problem and is looking into something that CEO Dick Costolo […]

Twitter Reacts To DOMA and Supreme Court Proposition 8 Ruling


With the Supreme Court ruling 5-4 today that key parts of DOMA and Prop. 8 are unconstitutional, equality scored a major victory in the eyes of the government and the people it represents. No longer will marriage be defined as a union between a man and a woman — a major component of the Defense […]

Your YouTube Channel in 15 Seconds: 3 Reasons Why Creators Should Use Instagram Video/Vine


Several YouTubers have recently jumped into the Vine and Instagram Video game by posting short clips of themselves cracking jokes or just playing around with the relatively new platform. You’re probably wondering why a 15-second video on an app matters when you’re focused on getting more viewers to your YouTube channel — look at these […]

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