Joseph Gordon-Levit Creates Tumblr, Fictional Twitter to Promote Upcoming Directorial Debut


Lights, camera, Twitter! Making his writing and directing debut, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is pulling out all the stops for his newest film “Don Jon.” Starring alongside Scarlett Johansson, Julianne Moore and Tony Danza, the movie follows New Jersey-born Jon Martello (played by Levitt) whose life revolves around “his body, his pad, his ride, his family, his […]

Twitter Fail: Woman Caught After Bragging About Bicyclist Hit-and-Run


Getting arrested for a crime because you were boasting about it on social media, to me, is dumber than breaking into someone’s house, making a big sandwich and then being found asleep and full on their sofa. See, with that other scenario there’s no free sandwich. Emma Way, a British tax-advisor-in-training, took to Twitter recently […]

Twitter Expands Video Partnerships With ESPN and Fox


Sports highlight clips are coming to Twitter thanks to a deal with ESPN that would see more advertising revenue for the microblogging site. The Wall Street Journal reported that the highlights will be available on Twitter’s desktop and mobile platforms in real time. Some major events that will be covered under the deal include soccer […]

‘Geography of Hate’ Heat Map Shows Where Most Racist and Homophobic Tweeters Are


Geography students at California’s Humboldt State University have created a heat map that pinpoints where the most “hateful” people on Twitter live. The students compiled more than 150,000 geotagged tweets from June 2012 to April of this year that contained one of many words that were deemed racist, homophobic or anti-disability. They read through every […]

Joss Whedon Joins Twitter To Make Microblogging More Fun


  Finally, someone interesting on Twitter — things have gotten a little stale since the pope retired. Joss Whedon, super director and generally well-regarded wit, has decided to shake up the world 140 characters at a time. Granted, he started out on Twitter in much the same fashion as most of us — kind of […]

‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ Accused Of Creating Fake Users For ‘Celebrities Read Mean Tweets’


Remember the fourth round of celebrities reading mean tweets on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” that we wrote about earlier today? Well, it turns out, according to Gawker with help from journalist Rebecca Dana, that at least 39 percent of the tweets are either fake or unverified. After searching for the actual users mentioned in the Jimmy […]

‘Ryan Gosling Won’t Eat His Cereal’ Meme Is Vine At Its Finest [VIDEO]


If I were to vaguely imagine Ryan Gosling’s morning routine, it would probably consist of waking up, working out and eating some nice breakfast. However, as this series of Vine videos proves, Gosling won’t be having any cereal for his first meal of the day. In a series of cleverly edited Vine posts by Ryan […]

Twitter Will Outlive The New York Times, Says PayPal Co-Founder: Is He Right? [OPINION]


During a panel discussion at the Milken Institute Global Conference in Beverly Hills this week, PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel came out with a bold claim: Twitter’s 1,000-plus employees will have jobs a decade from now while The New York Times’ employees should watch out for more pink slips in the future. While CNNMoney didn’t go […]

Good News, Android Users: Vine App Coming Soon To Your Smartphones


Twitter’s Vine video-sharing app has been the buzz of social media since it launched in January. Many brands and content creators have capitalized on it by creating virtual baseball cards, mini film festivals and more Arnold Schwarzenegger impersonation videos. Unfortunately, Android users haven’t had the chance to enjoy this quirky app, but that will soon […]

Comedy Central Hosts First Ever #Comedyfest Twitter Festival


Comedy Central is stepping outside the cable box and into your Twitter and Vine feeds. The cable channel is launching its first comedy festival that uses the microblogging site as well as its relatively new six-second video-sharing app. The New York Times reported that #ComedyFest will take place over five days starting April 29, where […]

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