Twitter Launches #Music App, But Can It Compete Against Powerhouses Spotify and Pandora?


The Twitter world is alive with the sounds of tweets and music today after the much anticipated launch of Twitter’s #Music app. The new music app Twitter #Music went live today to the public after being released last week to be tested by Hollywood celebrities who couldn’t stop tweeting about the dance parties with the […]

Twitter Fuels ‘Man on Roof’ Conspiracy in Boston Marathon Explosions


Holy hell, we got us a conspiracy! In keeping with social media’s penchant for instantaneous gratification, Twitter has already solved the mystery of the Boston Marathon bombings, and it includes a full-on “2nd gunman on the grassy knoll” twist. According to eagle-eyed Twits, the lone figure standing on the rooftop of a building in downtown […]

Twitter In Talks With Viacom and Comcast To Bring More Video Content


Twitter is in talks with Viacom and Comcast for a content partnership that would give the microblogging site more video content and split advertising revenue between the networks, according to Bloomberg. A source told Bloomberg that Twitter wants more entertainment and news video content, which, if reached, could see more video content from cable channels […]

Azealia Banks’ Twitter Feud With A$AP Rocky — Tells Him To ‘Come Out Of the Closet’


Oh Twitter, how I love your ways … Twitter is my favorite of all the social media platforms due to its work in instigating feuds. No other platform can really capture that quick raw verbal sparring in such a grandiose and concise manner. With its 140-character limitation, Twitter forces you to be blunt, mean and […]

Twitter’s New Music App Expected To Go Live This Weekend


Last month, CNET reported that Twitter was planning to launch its new music discovery app this month after acquiring an Australian music tracking website called We Are Hunted last year. One sign that the new Twitter Music app is coming is an announcement made by We Are Hunted Thursday, confirming its acquisition by Twitter and […]

Sony Playstation 3 Promotes ‘MLB 13: The Show’ With Vine Baseball Cards [VIDEO]


Sony Playstation 3’s latest baseball game “MLB 13: The Show” has found a way to reinvent the baseball card. Imagine a baseball card not only featuring a photo of the player, but the player in action when he’s hitting a home run or pitching the perfect game. Thanks to Twitter’s new Vine app, six-second videos […]

Tribeca Film Festival Launches Its First #6SECFILMS Vine Competition


The Tribeca Film Festival is calling on Vine creators to send in their best six-second clips as part of their first #6SECFILMS competition, and yes, Vine is sponsoring it. All you have to do is create your Vine, which, even with the time constraints, should have a beginning, middle and end as well as unique […]

Twitter Opens Up App Link, Photo Gallery Features for Tweets to Developers


You may not know it by name, but Twitter Cards are the features used by more than 10 thousand developers and websites to let them display embedded content on tweets such as photos, website links and videos. Now Twitter is introducing new features in “Cards” such as mobile app deep-linking where users can access apps […]

Prince Hits Twitter’s Vine App With Copyright Infringement Complaint


Twitter’s Vine app has been hit with a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) infringement complaint from NPG Records, the record label of musician Prince. The Next Web reported that NPG Records’ complaint states that eight video clips had “unauthorized records” and “unauthorized synchronizations” featuring his music and asked Vine to immediately remove them. Vine, which […]

5 Most Justifiable Reasons To Hate Twitter This Week


My dislike-bordering-on-hate for Twitter has been well documented over my tenure at NMR. And, to be honest, a lot of it has to do with that fact that after years of steady tweeting, my followers just recently topped over 150. Sure, hurt feelings have a ton to do with the bitter taste the micro-blogging site […]

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