Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Tumblr Users Weigh in On Oscar Snubs


Well, the nominations for the 85th annual Academy Awards nominations are in, and as always, the first topic of conversation is: Who got snubbed? Social media has its time to shine here, as the not famous, not rich plebeians of the world come out to show concern for rich, famous, beautiful people. It’s an odd […]

YouTube Rapper Freddy E. Commits Suicide After Sending Chilling Twitter Messages


Seattle-based rapper and YouTube personality Freddy E. Buhl (Freddy E.) passed away last week from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. The family of Freddy E. issued a statement confirming the rapper’s death. The statement posted on Facebook read: “Today, our son, Frederick Eugene Buhl (@freddy_E), age 22 years old, took his own life with a rifle […]

YouTube Creator ChampChong Claims Sandy Hook Victims Were ‘Trained Actors’ On Twitter


It is rare that mainstream celebrities will express controversial opinions via social media. The sheer amount of backlash that is received from the public combined with the viral spread of celebrity rants makes voicing your stance, as a celebrity, a dangerous game. Having a following on YouTube, however, seems to be a different story altogether. […]

Tweens Instructed To ‘Cut Themselves For Justin Bieber’ in 4chan Twitter Prank


If you were Justin Bieber, and you were hooked on the chronic, what would it take to free you from that dragon? How about tweens worldwide cutting themselves? Would that do it?“#Cut For Beiber” launched this morning on Twitter as a supposed cry for help from Bieber fans who want Justin to kick his alleged […]

TV Star Matt Dallas Announces He’s Gay on Twitter; NMR Weighs the Pros, Cons


So Matt Dallas (damn, I hate when people have cooler names than me), star of “Kyle XY” has just come out of the closet on Twitter. And in the same post announced that he’s getting married. After DeadMau5’s recent Twitter engagement to Kat von D, are we seeing a shift in the way celebs break […]

Top 10 Funniest #Kimye Tweets: 2013 Is Doomed After Apocalypse Baby Takes Over Twitter … And Eventually The World


Three days into 2013 and we are already screwed. Though we may have survived the impending Mayan-predicted apocalypse, a new destructive force is headed our way, and it’s clad in Gucci. Kim Kardashian and her current squeeze Kanye West announced this holiday season that they were indeed pregnant with their first child. While the kid […]

Are World Leaders Controlling Us Through Twitter? Probably Not, But Most of Them Are on There Anyway, Study Reports


It’s not just President Barack Obama who finds Twitter very useful in communicating with the citizens about his latest projects and sharing photos of his wife and kids. Other world leaders have found Twitter useful in communicating with their countries’ citizens in 140 characters or less. In fact, a recent study by Digital Daya points […]

Twitter-Controlled Cockroach Is Now A Terrifying Reality [VIDEO]


You want proof that James Bond supervillains exist? Some mad scientist has found a way to control cockroaches. Sure, it’s all fun and good now, and she’s letting people control the cockroach’s motions via Twitter, but how long until her “doting father” dies in “some freak accident” and she decides to “blame the government”? The […]

The Top 10 Most Viral Photos of 2012


When it boils down to finding the photos that grabbed the world’s attention in 2012, it’s hard to come up with only the 10 best. We’ve seen it all, from hilarious expressions that have spawned memes and fake Twitter accounts to those that captured those overlooked heartwarming moments. These 10, however, not only captured the […]

The 10 Most Important Twitter News Stories of 2012


It’s really, really hard to sum up 2012 in 140 characters. Yet, it has been a very interesting year when it comes to Twitter. From its transformation as a social media destination to the infamous Twitter beefs, the microblogging site has never ceased to amaze its users. Here’s a look at some of the most […]

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