DJ Flula Borg Interviews the Fans at Playlist Live 2014 as NMR’s Ultimate Man on the Street [VIDEO]


If you’re one of the few dummkopfs who still don’t know Herr Flula Borg, YouTube and music meister, you’re kaput to us. For those that have have been turned on to the German YouTuber/DJ, congrats for being a member of the Forever Flula Club, and: achtung! NMR unleashed Flula on the young, bewildered fans of […]

YouTuber Forced To Defend Viral ‘Bad USPS Delivery Driver’ Video From Online Detectives Calling ‘Fake!’


Is this a case of viral envy or viral lies? YouTuber Edude76 has attracted a mass of views — over 500,000 in a day after showing a video of a USPS employee driving up in his van, throwing a package carelessly out the window at a garage door and taking off again. But today Edude76 […]

NMR Puts My Damn Channel’s Danny Abrahms On The Therapist Couch With His Series ‘Self-Help’ [INTERVIEW]

Screen shot 2014-03-25 at 4.45.19 PM

I like YouTuber Danny Abrahms, and I think you should like him too. Why? Because I told him that I wasn’t a fan of his series “Self-Help” which releases through My Damn Channel, and then I asked him questions anyway, which he gamely answered, knowing full well that I could unleash savage hellfire on his […]

Kids Scheming To Get Their Teachers Fired Is Alarming Trend On YouTube [VIDEOS]


I mostly like teachers and hate annoying kids, so really this trend of alarming videos on how to get your teacher fired is right up my alley. Because the only thing worse than annoying kids are their annoying parents. God, I hope word of this trend spreads and results in so many lawsuits. I just […]

PewDiePie Holds ‘Most Subscribers on YouTube’ Crown in Guinness Book Of Records


You know if an Irish beer company says it, it’s legit. Guinness today bestowed its record for most subscribed on Swedish gamer PewDiePie for his more than 25 million subscribers (at the time of the record accounting, it was half that!). The beer company, which began publishing facts via their “Book of Records” as a […]

PlayList Live 2014: Capturing 5 Cool Video Moments From The Weekend That Was


The banners have all come down, the YouTubers have all gone back to their homes across the globe and a sense of normalcy has returned to Orlando, Florida in the wake of Playlist Live 2014. But that doesn’t mean that the coverage has to stop just yet — NMR had such a good time partying […]

Rise of the News Titans on Streaming: The Young Turks Are Doing The Hulu Hula


The little engine that could, The Young Turks, just keeps on chugging upwards … Breaking news today reveals that TYT Network has just solidified its presence on Hulu with the addition of two half-hour shows: The Young Turks and PopTrigger. The Young Turks, the news/commentary wing of the TYT empire and PopTrigger, its entertainment sector […]

Playlist Live 2014 Last Day Recap: Madilyn Bailey, Jessi Smiles and More! [VIDEO]

jessi smiles

The final day of Playlist Live 2014 … and we’ve survived! AND we’re bringing you a recap of the day! Check out the video above, and don’t forget to vote for the Playlist Rockstar here!

Playlist Live 2014: Wassabi Productions, Alex G, Michael Buckley, DJ Flula INTERVIEWS [VIDEO]


What do Wassabi Productions, Alex G, Michael Buckley and DJ Flula Borg all have in common? (Beside the fact that they’re YouTubers, smart-ass.) They’re all at Playlist Live 2014 and NMR’s bringing them straight to you! Watch the video above for our interviews with Michael Buckley and Wassabi Productions’ Roy and Alex, with NewMediaRockstar Flula […]

Playlist Live 2014 Day 2: The Nive Nulls Team Up With NMR to Surprise Fans With … [VIDEO]

nive nulls feature

Last week, NMR favorites The Nive Nulls reached the 100,00 subscriber milestone. Of course, while we obviously threw Austin and Britney a kick-ass kegger — Kailand and Audri got milk — all of us thought, hmmm, what about the fans? Loyal viewers, after all, is what makes the YouTuber world go ‘round. So after a […]

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