RWJ Retires: Do You Have What It Takes To Be ‘Equals Three’s’ New Host? [VIDEO]

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While Ray William Johnson has now put his final foot down on YouTube’s throat, leaving his hugely successful “Equals Three” show for the bright lights of television, it doesn’t mean that “Equals Three” is going away too. And even better, RWJ might just want you to fill his massive shoes. I mean “massive” because he […]

Want To Live Like Superman? Let Corridor Digital Show You How [VIDEO]

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Corridor Digital is back at it and in a “super” way. Strapping a GoPro to the Man of Steel, they give us a taste of what it’s like to soar with the eagles and beat up bad guys. No wonder the video has over 250,000 views in the couple hours it’s been up. Think Corridor […]

‘20 Strangers Kissing’ Gets All-Dog Remake With ‘First Sniff’ [VIDEO]

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Of the videos following in the wake of the massive “20 Strangers Kissing” viral sensation, this video is easily the least obnoxious. Okay, it’s still sort of obnoxious because they’re attempting to ride the wave instead of creating their own, but still: as far as videos go, it’s pretty … doggone cute. Here are 20 […]

Alex Day Now Involved In ‘Sexual Misconduct’ Allegations, Asked To Be Pulled From DFTBA Records As Well


In an interesting turn of events, new allegations of sexual inappropriateness have cropped up involving a YouTuber — Alex Day. The British musician and NMR friend has taken to his Tumblr recently after allegations surfaced concerning his conduct in undefined sexual situations. First stating his innocence with a post called “On Mistakes,” Day clarifies his […]

A Family Affair: The Nive Nulls Hit 100,000 Subscribers And Have A Blast Doing It


NMR has friends, and then it has BEST friends — YouTubers and the like who go above and beyond — who write guest posts for the site, who pal around with us and who say positive things about NMR even when people are threatening to murder us. Austin Nulls is without question an NMR BEST friend, […]

European MCN Divimove adds EDM Channel Tomorrowland, Releases YouTube Talent Trailers Country By Country

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I wish all MCNs did this — Divimove, allegedly Europe’s largest MCN, is releasing a country-by-country trailer that advertises all of their rosters of YouTubers in that country. This week, we get Germany. Holland, Italy, Spain and Poland are soon to follow. I speak very little German (Ich spreche sie Deutsch nicht so gut, mit […]

‘ATM Robbery Prank Gone Wrong’ Earns YouTuber A Broken Nose [VIDEO]

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Every generation seems to get its variation of the “Don’t run with scissors” cautionary tale. For the millennials, that message is, “Don’t prank people in Australia.” We’ve covered several Australian-based pranks on NMR and all of them have ended poorly for the pranksters. The most recent video out of “The Land Down Under” involves the […]

‘Nerdy Nummies” Rosanna Pansino Teams Up With Disney’s Muppets For Sugar Cookies [VIDEO]

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“Nerdy Nummies” host and creator Rosanna Pansino entertained some very special guests: the Muppets. Swedish Chef — who, for the record, is one of the funniest Muppets characters — and (sigh) Miss Piggy stopped by the No. 2 cooking channel on YouTube (with 1.6 million subscribers and over 260 million views). “I cannot look. It’s like my Kermie […]

Six Degrees of ‘Screw You’: Kevin Bacon Calls Out The Millennials on YouTube [VIDEO]

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Kevin Bacon is one of the last great human treasures we have. I’ve enjoyed watching everything I’ve ever seen him in — including this testament to the hardships of the 80s. Dropping dime on the millennials and how good they have it, Ren McCormack himself explains that for people born before 1985, life was a […]

4 Strategies That Guarantee YouTube Channel Growth [GUEST POST]


Anyone who’s a creator on YouTube wants to know the answer to this question: How do I grow my audience on YouTube? It makes sense because no one wants to invest countless hours into creating videos and feel like they’re not actually reaching people. We want people to see our videos. We want them to […]

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