Shay Carl, Bart Baker, SourceFed, Shira Lazar & More: The Tube-a-Thon Red Carpet Was A YouTube Star Show [VIDEO INTERVIEW]

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What’s that? Oh nothing … just the “What’s Trending Tube-a-Thon 2013 Red Carpet Footage” from NewMediaRockstars! Woot woot! As promised, NMR has finally released our footage of awesome interviews of awesome interviews from the star-studded red carpet at the second annual Tube-a-thon gala, held this year at the YouTube Space in L.A. It was an […]

SMOSH Gaming Channel Turns 6 Months Old: Exclusive Gamer Nation Preview Inside [VIDEO]


If SMOSH’s gaming channel were a kid, it would be learning to crawl about now. SMOSH Games just turned 6 months old — and if you are a YouTube creator in doubt about having a gaming channel, let SMOSH reassure you — their gaming channel alone is in the top 100 of subscribed channels at […]

Google Removes Racist ‘Make Me Asian’ App From Play Store


In what has to be the least surprising news coming down the pipeline, Google has removed the app “Make Me Asian” from its Play store after complaints that the app is racist. Me no rikee! Hmm, perhaps making racist jokes in an article about racial activism is not a good career move … The app, […]

EXCLUSIVE: AJ Rafael Shares His Never-Before-Released Song ‘Beautiful Escape’ with NMR Readers


Music-lovers, you’ve come to the absolute right place, because singer-songwriter extraordinaire AJ Rafael is sharing an exclusive new song with NMR readers — embedded inside the very page you behold before you is the beautiful “Beautiful Escape.” When I last left met up with AJ, for our soul-baring chitchat, he was fighting off Darth Vader […]

Ray William Johnson: Why I Left Maker Studios [EXCLUSIVE]


[UPDATE 12/12/2012 4:45 p.m. PST] NMR has gotten a hold of the company-wide letter sent by Danny Zappin addressing Ray William Johnson’s Allegations. You can find it HERE [UPDATE 12/11/2012 4:00 p.m. PST] Shay Carl has responded to Ray’s post with his side of the story in a YouTube video: Editors Note: All images that Ray […]

GNAA ‘President’ ‘Leon Kaiser’ Speaks To NMR About The Tumblr Hack Affecting Over 8,600 Accounts


In an NMR interview with hacker group GNAA, “interim President” “Leon Kaiser” told NMR’s Jeff Klima: “We plan on furthering our ‘anti-blogging’ agenda. While I’m not at liberty to fully disclose what we have in store, WordPress and Disqus are two entities that we have big plans regarding.” Turns out those “big plans” also included […]

TV Production Team Magical Elves on Their LGBT-Friendly Fashion YouTube Channel The Stylish [INTERVIEW]


When it comes to style, no two closets are ever identical. In an effort to explain the elusive conundrum of style, The Stylish YouTube channel has created eccentric and diverse shows that push the boundaries of fashion, beauty and lifestyle. Started by television production company Magical Elves, known best for their shows “Top Chef” and […]

BREAKING: Kurt Hugo Schneider Joins Smosh and Partners With Alloy Digital


Big news coming out of the YouTube-o-sphere today: Digital media company and video network Alloy Digital has announced a partnership with musician and producer Kurt Hugo Schneider. Known globally for his heart-wrenching melodies and overall dreaminess, Schneider has rapidly become one of YouTube’s premiere producers. Schneider won’t be alone among Alloy Digital’s roster of top […]

Mike Diva on Directing his First YouTube Scary Film, ‘Proxy: A Slender Man Story’


Mike Diva may be known more for being the man behind the insanely colorful viral videos “Sexy Sax Man” and “DOGSTEP!” but his video-directing skills have taken a more ominous, creepy turn with his latest YouTube video “Proxy: A Slender Man Story.” This nine-minute film follows a young man named Vince as he worries about […]

AsapSCIENCE’s Mitchell Moffit Talks about the Inspiration Behind His YouTube Channel [INTERVIEW]


Science is an important thing. Most likely, you are reading this on a computer that uses tiny silicon transistors rapidly firing on and off, and of course, miles upon miles of fiber optic cable just to deliver the words you are reading at this very moment. Understanding the basics of science can be just as […]

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