SDCC: Annoying Orange’s New Cartoon Network Show [VIDEO]


What do you get when you put your annoying face on an orange, have it say annoying things to other annoying-faced produce items, and then turn all of it into an incredibly annoying YouTube show? You get over 1.2 billion views and counting! What can I say–YouTube viewers know talent when they see it, and […]

SDCC: The Creators Of Cyanide & Happiness Speak with NMR [VIDEO]


Since 2005, the guys over at have been pushing the boundaries of webcomics with their title “Cyanide & Happiness.” A salute to everything weird, violent, joyful and perverse, “Cyanide & Happiness” has become one of the Web’s most cherished and shared comics. The comic’s unique style of hyper-violence and controversial material has built a […]

SDCC: Rob Reid, Rhapsody Founder & “Year Zero” Author [INTERVIEW]


There is no way to prove it, but entrepreneur and author Rob Reid has somehow found the secret to unlocking more than 24 hours in a day. It’s the only reasonable explanation as to how, at 45 years old, Reid has managed to create music service Rhapsody, cofound IGN Entertainment, and give a Ted talk […]

Harper’s Bazaar’s YouTube debut with Kim Kardashian [EXCLUSIVE]


It is no secret that digital video holds the key to the future of the traditional media industry, which is why a flood of mainstream celebrities, musicians and print publications are joining YouTube on a daily basis. YouTube has become a haven for traditional media to spread its digital wings, and fashion magazine Harper’s Bazaar […]

SDCC: Machinima Panel Unveils New Halo 4 Web Series [EXCLUSIVE]


The Indigo Ballroom at the San Diego Hilton was host to YouTube gaming network Machinimathis afternoon as they unveiled a host of new programming and original content. The first half of Machinima’s San Diego Comic-Con panel consisted of several Machinima partner channels presenting a variety of new and upcoming content. Among the Machinima creators were […]

SDCC: “Stan Lee’s World of Heroes” YouTube Channel


San Diego Comic-Con 2012 just wouldn’t have been quite the same without a Stan Lee appearance, and he certainly wasn’t one to disappoint. With a video introduction laden with stars like Kevin Smith, Nic Cage and Tobey Maguire singing Stan idolatrous praises, you knew the utter adoration that was about to be heaped on Stan […]

8-Bitham Lincoln: Freddie Wong & Brandon Laatsch [Interview]


Have you seen “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” yet? Yeah, didn’t think so. You and everyone else decided instead to throw away your hard-earned dollars to watch a little ginger girl eat porridge with a bear in Pixar’s “Brave.” That is an accurate summation of the entire movie, right? Well, because of the poor choice you’ve […]

Smosh hits 5 million subscribers [EXCLUSIVE]


Thanks to our friends at VidStats, NMR just found out that congratulations are in order for Smosh–who reached 5 million subscribers on YouTube! When we asked Smosh how they felt about their tremendous achievement, Anthony Padilla told NMR: “5 million is such a really huge amount of people. I can’t even picture that many people […]

Big Frame Gets Big Money For YouTube Network [EXCLUSIVE]


LA-based YouTube network Big Frame, which represents more than 100 YouTube channels that includes big name talents like DaveDays, DeStorm Power and MysteryGuitarMan, announced today that they have raised $3 million in their first round of funding. “We’re thrilled to have such a strong group of investors support us as we work to create a […]

Google Attacks YouTube Freeloaders


In the annals of Internet freeloading, June 19, 2012 is a date which will live in infamy. Before that date,, which allows users to extract MP3 audio from YouTube videos and download them, has been a godsend for the cheap and the demanding. The website allowed users to not only download the latest Brian […]

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