Digg Unveils Curated Section for the Most Popular Videos of the Moment


Digg, the Reddit before Reddit, unveiled their new video service, Digg Video, yesterday. Digg Video will be an aggregate of the most popular video content from Facebook, Twitter and its own site, making it a curator of the most viral videos of the moment. Digg editors will be doing all the work, however, by actively […]

Content Creators’ Newest Tool TouchCast Brings The Video Studio to iPads


TouchCast co-founders Edo Segal, Erick Schonfeld and Charley Miller claim they have a way to improve the quality of video production using the power of the iPad. Going live today on iTunes, their TouchCast app allows creators to produce content and enhance videos with embeddable features like live Twitter feeds, live blogs and other content. […]

Mister Rogers Back From The Dead Again In New PBS Remix ‘Sing Along’ [VIDEO]


Alright. Let’s get down to the nitty gritty. You and I both know that it was kind of creepy that Mr. Rogers was an adult man who clearly had an affinity for small children and would bring them into his home every day with the lure of puppets and a miniature motorized trolley. Dude had […]

NewFronts Takeaway: The Year Digital Video Became a Legitimate Industry


Pinpointing the official moment the digital video industry “arrived” at last week’s NewFront may be difficult; was it when “Hangover” and American “The Office” star Ed Helms announced his new web show, or was it Sarah Jessica Parker of “Sex and the City” fame?  Did indie band The Lumineers’ or Carly Rae Jepsen’s musical set […]

Machinima Prime General Manager Ian Moffit Talks The New Age Of Web TV [INTERVIEW]


With YouTube ever expanding into an entertainment goliath, web shows are quickly becoming the new standard for young creators looking to put out their artistic endeavors. With this, however, web content on YouTube has suffered an oversaturation of scripted content, much of it not very good at all. While YouTube has had its share of […]

Yahoo Unveils New Original Programming, Partnerships With WWE & Conde Nast


Over the past year, Yahoo has made big moves within the digital video industry. Yahoo first shook up newsfeeds after it was rumored that the internet corporation was in talks with YouTube competitor DailyMotion to buy a majority stake in the site. Additionally, earlier this week in a surprise powerplay, Yahoo acquired the rights to […]

Video Sharing Site Waywire Launches Beta With New Layout to Better Collect And Share Content


Just last month, NMR talked with CEO of Waywire Nathan Richardson about the launch of the then new video archiving website and its mission to provide a central hub for video content from around the web. Waywire was originally founded with the mission to collect video from different media platforms across the internet — 85 […]

Amazon Instant Video Picks Up Pilot For ‘Zombieland’ Series


The video-streaming sites are already ripe for competitive original content thanks to successful series like Netflix’s political drama “House of Cards” and the upcoming season of “Arrested Development.” Now Amazon Instant Video is taking a page from the Netflix playbook and searching for their own hit original series. They’ve ordered a pilot for “Zombieland,” based […]

Yahoo In Talks To Buy Majority Stake Of Video-Sharing Site Dailymotion


In November of last year, France-based video site Dailymotion announced that they were seeking U.S. investors to begin positioning themselves to become a YouTube competitor. As it stands now, although popular, Dailymotion sits on the fringe of digital video with the types of NSFW video content not commonly found on Vimeo or YouTube. At the […]

Lil Bub, Grumpy Cat And Keyboard Cat To Star In Vice Film ‘Lil Bub & Friendz’


  I’ll be goddamned if Vice isn’t putting out some of the best most thought-provoking and totally pointless content on the web right now. Case in point, the upcoming Vice Films documentary “Lil Bub & Friendz.” The film by Andy Capper and Juliette Eisner will premiere at the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival in New York […]

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