Max Schneider | Singer & Actor


Upon introduction, it is hard not to get caught up in the fast-paced world of Max Schneider. Quickly approaching the eve of his 21st birthday, Max’s entire 5’7” frame seems to continuously vibrate with an energy for all things entertainment. A YouTube performer, singer, songwriter, actor and model, Max started in the entertainment world at […]

Madilyn Bailey’s Cover of ‘Crazy’ + Flula Beatboxing = Beautiful, Beautiful Music [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO]


Quick, what’s better than Flula beatboxing? Why, Flula beatboxing on top of Madilyn Bailey singing, of course! NMR decided great just wasn’t good enough at Playlist Live 2014, so we paired the talented, pretty Madilyn Bailey with the equally talented and pretty Flula on the expo hall-parked Gibson Tour Bus and then let the magic […]


playlist rockstar feature

 Audience! Bro Army! Moosh Army! Niches! Smoshers! Insert other channel collective audience name here! We’ve fought it out on the battlefields, on the comments boards and forums across the internet. But there can only be one channel to rule them all. To celebrate Playlist Live this weekend, NMR and Playlist have joined forces to anoint […]

Write for NMR


NMR WANTS YOU. Want to write for NewMediaRockstars? Of course you do! Well, here’s your chance. But who are you? You’re someone with a deep, unreasonable love of all things social media. You have a need to write and to express. You know all your favorite social media stars, but you’re constantly on the lookout […]

Daneboe | ‘Annoying Orange’ Creator


Dane Boedigheimer, aka Daneboe, is at this point already a YouTube legend. And he’s also a super nice guy. Of course, I’ve probably said that in at least 4 million of the 5 million articles I’ve written about YouTube “legends,” but seriously, honestly this time: Dane belongs on the YouTube Mount Rushmore along with Keyboard Cat, and […]

Wong Fu Productions | Filmmakers


Among those creators who have proven that thoughtful, high quality original content can exist within the online video realm, Wong Fu Productions is at the top of the list. Made up of Philip Wang, Wesley Chan and Ted Fu, the independent filmmaking trio have been writing, producing and directing short films, music videos and web […]

Bart Baker | Comedian, Parody Artist


NMR had a chance to sit down with Bart Baker, one of the best and brightest talents in Maker’s stable. He’s wild and feisty in his videos — so it seemed like he could be a real pain-in-the-ass to deal with in person. But pain-in-the-ass or not, Baker is totally his own story and well worth […]

Jen From Head To Toe | Beauty Guru


Jen Chae, better known to many as the face and personality behind hit YouTube beauty channel From Head To Toe is roughly 1/4 of my size. Pair that with the fact that I know absolutely nothing about her forte — makeup — and you’ve got some potential ingredients for a very awkward interview. And yet, […]

Madilyn Bailey | Singer-Songwriter


Clad in a rhinestone-encrusted, white formal dress, it was hard not to take notice of YouTube singer Madilyn Bailey from across the hotel lobby. Seated alongside her parents and boyfriend, Madilyn barely resembles the often serious and professional persona fans see in her music videos. Among the laughter and teasing of her family members, Madilyn […]

Corey Gray | Musician


When Corey Gray was 19 years old, he packed his life into his white sedan, and with his guitar as his co-pilot, drove from Dallas to Los Angeles to pursue his lifelong dream of becoming a musician. Though Corey supported himself working as a bartender during his first two years in Los Angeles, he never […]

Rock On!

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