Jack Vale | Prankster


Jack Vale and I ran into three types of people during our interview at the Huntington Beach Pier: fans of Jack Vale, people who had been pranked by Jack Vale and total lunatics. And as it turns out, there is a lot of overlap between these types down in “Surf City, USA.” Vale, the legendary […]

Wassabi Productions | Comedians


The dynamic duo of Wassabi Productions, Alex and Roi, are the perfect definition of a bromance — so much so they recently made a video named “Broships” to document their daily lives. Yelling out the window of the bright red Mustang they had rented, the guys arrived at our interview with more energy than two […]

Chester See | Singer-Songwriter, Actor


I have always dreamed about what it would be like to just “hang out” with a YouTube superstar. But like Tom Cruise and Emma Stone, the YouTube culture has gone to such a level that the “normal guys” who once made videos in their bedroom are now a manager, a publicist and an overly protective […]

Reckless Tortuga | YouTube Comedians


Twenty five-member-strong comedy troupe Reckless Tortuga, without fail, are always first and foremost asked some approximation of “What the heck does ‘Reckless Tortuga’ mean?” I know this, because I did a mini-interview with them back when they were working on “Sketch Royale,” and that was my first question then. So this time around, I decided […]

Dormtainment | Entertainers


Standing on the balcony of Dormtainment’s brand new Hollywood apartment, six stories up from the traffic and noise of L.A., I could fully understand the excitement these six best friends were feeling having just moved to the city from Atlanta. Dormtainment is made up of entertainers and best friends Cam, Chaz, Rome, Amanuel, Mike and […]

Grace Helbig | YouTube Comedian


It has been quite the year for Grace Helbig, the actress and comedian behind the hit YouTube channel “Daily Grace”: She moved to Los Angeles after living in New York City for five years, recently won two Streamys for “Audience Choice Finalist For Personality of the Year” and “Best First Person Series” and just bought […]

Lucas Cruikshank | YouTube & Television Actor


So oh em gee, Lucas stays in this big gated apartment complex (we heard one of the ‘Jersey Shore’ cast members lived there too! GTL!) and me and the NMR team totally had a hard time getting in. We were like, “Let us in,” and they were all like, “Um, no way! Who are you?” […]

Kevin Pereira | Video Game Show Host & Producer


When I first heard about Kevin Pereira’s upcoming series for Machinima Prime, “Player vs. Pain,” I imagined the series to be filmed in some dark, hideous dungeon where players go head to head in a battle of S&M endurance and mastering the controller. It turns out that “Player vs. Pain” is, in fact, a gauntlet […]

David Choi | Singer and Songwriter


I am an unsigned singer/songwriter/producer. I make these videos to inspire, entertain, educate, and inform. And so it goes that what musician David Choi simply writes on his YouTube “About” page radiates the best parts of his character: matter-of-factness, humbleness, positivity. He’s the same way in person; if you didn’t know any better, that he […]

Boyce Avenue | Musicians


On family road trips, from their hometown of Sarasota to visit their friends and family in Miami, brothers Alejandro, Daniel and Fabian Manzano of Boyce Avenue spent their time singing as a way to pass the uneventful hours of travel. They sang everything — The Temptations, Boyz II Men, Lionel Richie, Whitney Houston — not […]

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