Promise Tamang Phan | Beauty Guru


The Mad Hatter, Michael Jackson and Katy Perry; you name the person or character, and the odds that YouTube’s resident transformation guru, Promise Phan, has transformed herself into them are in your favor. From painting her entire body blue while undertaking an “Avatar” transformation to donning a men’s wig to become Drake, Phan will stop […]

Rhett and Link | Filmmakers, Video Innovators


Rhett McLaughlin and Charles Lincoln Neal (you may know them as Rhett and Link) took a big risk at the beginning of the year. Back in April, the comedy duo widely known for their unique music videos, DIY viral ads and daily video series “Good Mythical Morning” started uploading something called “The Mythical Show” — […]

Kain Carter | Personality, Commentator


 YouTube’s Kain Carter has more than a few controversial opinions about gender dynamics in the United States. “Like a girl — like we in an office right now — a girl walked up to you and said, ‘I like the way your dick look in them jeans,’ what are you going to do? Go to […]

MissGlamorazzi | Beauty Guru


Sitting down to talk with Ingrid Nilsen — the mastermind behind the YouTube channel MissGlamorazzi — is like sitting down to talk with an old friend … if that friend has hundreds of nail polishes stored under their desk for “research” and has a flourishing YouTube career. Growing up, Ingrid was anything but a girly […]

Tyler Oakley | Vlogger, Personality


YouTube vlogger Tyler Oakley is a “professional fangirl” and is very obsessed with one thing these days — the British heartthrobs One Direction. Peeking into his bedroom in a quiet Los Angeles neighborhood reveals the extent of his obsession — his walls are adorned with clippings and posters from Tiger Beat and J-14 magazine of […]

Corridor Digital | Filmmakers, VFX Wizards


Guns, explosions, video games, ass-kicking, blood and guts and kittens – you can expect all of that awesomeness unadulterated and jam-packed in intense bite-sized bursts on the Corridor Digital channel. How do Sam Gorski and Niko Pueringer – the core of Corridor Digital — contain all of that on just one YouTube channel? Simply put, […]

Issa Rae | Writer, Producer & Director


Just inside Issa Rae’s front door sit two full suitcases waiting to be unpacked. Having just flown in the night before, Issa seems as happy to be home as I am to finally meet her. Curled up on her green couch, with a bag of Oreos open between us, she shares how excited she is […]

Orlando Jones | Comedian, Actor


If you were watching television in the ‘90s, you’re probably familiar with Orlando Jones. As an original cast member of “MadTV,” the actor and comedian appeared in regular rotation on Fox and Comedy Central for years. He was also the spokesman for soft drink company 7 Up’s longest-running and most controversial ad campaign. You probably […]

Max Schneider | Singer & Actor


Upon introduction, it is hard not to get caught up in the fast-paced world of Max Schneider. Quickly approaching the eve of his 21st birthday, Max’s entire 5’7” frame seems to continuously vibrate with an energy for all things entertainment. A YouTube performer, singer, songwriter, actor and model, Max started in the entertainment world at […]

Jack Vale | Prankster


Jack Vale and I ran into three types of people during our interview at the Huntington Beach Pier: fans of Jack Vale, people who had been pranked by Jack Vale and total lunatics. And as it turns out, there is a lot of overlap between these types down in “Surf City, USA.” Vale, the legendary […]

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