Hannah Hart | YouTube Personality


When “My Drunk Kitchen,” the brainchild of YouTube sensation Hannah Hart, started becoming popular, the 26-year-old San Franciscan-turned-Angeleno was conflicted. “When I did start out I was really bitter about being known as this drunk girl,” Hart tells me on the patio of a Silver Lake coffee shop. “I went to Berkeley. I have so […]

SourceFed | YouTube Personalities


Hanging with the SourceFed crew is one of my great experiences at NMR. Talking YouTube with six people simultaneously is one of those events where you just sit back and let them bicker amongst themselves. No small task when you’ve got six hilarious people all competing for a punchline. SourceFed, winners of the “Audience Choice” […]

Furious Pete | YouTube Personality


I was carrying a pack of Saltine crackers when I met the internet phenomenon known as “Furious Pete.” My producers had proposed that Pete and I do an eating contest — they had assumed that since I’m a big guy, I can somehow eat a truckload of food in one sitting. I can’t. Furious Pete, […]

Jimmy Tatro | YouTube Personality


When it comes to shotgunning beer, starting a bro fight and sexting, Jimmy Tatro has the rules of the frat life down pat. At least, his character on his YouTube channel “Life According to Jimmy” does. But sitting in the shade of the Santa Monica Pier, sandwiched between the crazy bird man on a bicycle […]

Tyler Ward | Musician & Producer


It is my firm belief that Tyler Ward never stops smiling. He cleans his kitchen with a smile, dunks guitars into basketball hoops with a smile, stands on top of his car and smiles. It was a wonder women passing by didn’t start swooning at the sight of those sweet pearly whites while we photographed […]

Mega64 | YouTube Game Gurus


I have to be honest; watching YouTube videos from Mega64 (Shawn Chatfield, Rocco Botte and Derrick Acosta) makes me feel like shit.  Nearly half of their videos are dedicated to making fun of the sensationalized crowd mentality that so often runs rampant in video game and geek culture — the same kind of blind acceptance […]

Brittani Louise Taylor | YouTube Personality


Over the Gumdrop Mountains and across the Butterscotch Plains there is a land of wonder and enchantment. A land where unicorns run wild through the Candy Cane Forest while glitter cascades from their rainbow manes like billions of tiny diamonds. Follow me, weary traveler, to a place where laughter flows like a mighty river and […]

Lamarr Wilson | YouTube Tech Reporter


It’s one thing to make technology sexy, but how can you make it funny? Lamarr Wilson does that, which makes him the “World’s Funniest Tech Reporter.” Having started out as an educator, and later owning his own consulting business that helped teachers integrate technology into classrooms, he has used humor to get his point across […]

Cassey Ho | Blogilates YouTube Fitness Guru


If there’s one way to fulfill that New Year’s resolution of losing those stubborn pounds while feeling cheerful at the same time, it’s Cassey Ho’s Blogilates YouTube channel. Cassey Ho isn’t just a fitness trainer on YouTube telling you to push, pull, stretch and flex — she keeps you pumped up by blasting feel-good top […]

Brock Baker | YouTube Voice Impersonator


If you tell Brock Baker to impersonate your favorite character, chances are he can pull it off. In his first YouTube video uploaded six years ago on his McGoiter channel titled “The Man of 101 Voices,” where he imitated characters like Christopher Walken, Joe Swanson and Zapp Branigan in rapid-fire succession. That video became a […]

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