9 Tips to Help You Prepare for Vidcon


You’ve planned, you’ve anticipated, and now the time has come. VIDCON TIME. While nothing can truly prepare you for the blood, sweat and tears that will inevitably ensue next week, NMR believes that no good soldier goes into battle unarmed. Thus, we are here to supply you with the 9 TIPS TO PREPARE YOU FOR […]

YouTube Unveils New Creator Playbook For Brands: 6 Things You Need To Know


Okay, we threw that “what you need to know” tag on the title just to get you to click in (that’s kind of a big no-no according to the Playbook though) — you pretty much should know everything this book has to offer if you want to be taken seriously as a YouTuber. This thing […]

4 Strategies That Guarantee YouTube Channel Growth [GUEST POST]


Anyone who’s a creator on YouTube wants to know the answer to this question: How do I grow my audience on YouTube? It makes sense because no one wants to invest countless hours into creating videos and feel like they’re not actually reaching people. We want people to see our videos. We want them to […]

Austin Null: How To Become A Full-Time YouTuber [GUEST POST]

nive nulls feature

It’s no secret that YouTube has become a place where creative people from all walks of life can make a living. Many people immediately jump to someone like Jenna Marbles, who quit her job as a promo girl in Boston to move out to L.A. and pursue YouTube and has been reported to be making […]

Tutorial: How to Design Merch for Your YouTube Channel [GUEST POST]


So you want to start selling merchandise? It may seem simple on the surface but there are quite a few points to think about before you see everyone at VidCon walking around with your T-shirts on. I’ve designed merchandise for John and Hank Green, VidCon, The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, Elmify, Squaresville, and of course, for […]

5 Tips For Enhancing Your YouTube Views in 2014


A new year means a fresh start and a fresh chance to become a YouTube somebody. With several of the major players stepping out of the game, there are chances for extreme advancement — why not from you? NMR can’t promise that if you follow these five bold tips you’ll achieve the level of, say, […]

Not on Streaming? Find More Unavailable Movies In the ‘Secret World’ of Netflix [TUTORIAL]


Like In N’ Out Burger has a secret menu for all us West Coasters, Netflix too has a “secret world” — and it’s ridiculously easy to access. See, what Netflix doesn’t want you to know (or, more likely, what they don’t care if you know) is that the shows and videos that are available on […]

7 Qualities Every Good YouTube Manager Must Have


One thing that has come up in conversations for me time and time again is the professionalism of YouTubers. I first heard this complaint three years ago when I was working with a producer who works on a lot of music videos on YouTube. Since then, this has been a trend I have been hearing […]

Rookie Creators: Here Are 3 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Trading Sub For Sub


Spending enough time hanging around rookie YouTube creators, you’ll start to hear people talking about something called sub for sub. Essentially, sub for sub means that I subscribe to your channel and you subscribe to mine. It’s a technique that is meant to boost sub numbers across the saturated, small-time YouTube community. In theory, sub […]

3 Tips For Creating Brain-Meltingly Good YouTube Thumbnails From Cartoon Hangover’s Matt Gielen


Matt Gielen has a rad job. At a VidCon 2013 roundtable panel simply titled “Audience Development,” Gielen told us all about his job as director of audience development at Frederator Studios. He told us how to increase our views and subscriber numbers, then he talked about working with the amazing animated web show “Bravest Warriors” […]

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