Want To See The Wedding Announcement That Wins All Weddings? [VIDEO]

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  Hear ye, hear ye, two rich, young attractive people are getting married … If this video invite is any indicator, this is going to be the most badass wedding of all time (Sorry, Caligula, you didn’t have “Niggas in Paris” in your day). These two lawyers from the Bay Area conspired to make the […]

‘Actual Food Porn’ Should Be NSFW And Yet … It’s Only Vegetables [VIDEO]


Instagram has nothing on this actual video of food porn, created for web-blog The Bold Italic and site runner Jessica Saia by her presumed friends, Andrew Callaway and Gavin Murray. I feel like we should warn you that this is NSFW … but then, it isn’t. Ahh, what a time to be alive. I wonder […]

Ballsy Rappers Call Out Pakistan For Banning YouTube; Vimeo Picks Up The Mic [VIDEO]

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So the performer had to post this video lamenting Pakistan’s ban on YouTube to Vimeo, but good sports that they are, the Vimeo crew has let it be. Ali Gul Pir along with rappers Adil Omar and Talal Qureshi made the video “Vital Saeen” which mocks their home country in both the Urdu and English […]

Vimeo Commits $500,000 To Help Bring Crowdfunded Films To ‘Vimeo on Demand’


Vimeo announced today that they are putting $500,000 into a fund for audience development that can be tapped into by films that successfully raise over $10,000 in crowdfunding on sites like Kickstarter or Indiegogo. Stepping up their artistic development game, Vimeo has pledged PRO accounts and access to the Audience Development Fund to filmmakers who […]

Vimeo Acquires Slate of Films From Toronto Film Festival


If YouTube is the “everyman” of video aggregate sites, Vimeo is coming off like the prestige site lately — the fancy odd uncle who sends you high-end vintage pornography for Christmas. Vimeo has just announced the acquisition of 13 films from the Toronto Film Festival. Slated to arrive on their “On Demand” site, the films […]

Holy Beautiful Videos, Batman!: The 8 Best Vimeo Videos of 2013


One of NMR’s New Year’s goals is to give a little more love to Vimeo. They’ve always been good to us — making us chicken soup when we’re sick, singing to soothe us during thunderstorms, and yet, we sometimes treat them like the red-headed stepchild of online video. It’s not that we don’t like them, […]

Vimeo Video Shows Beautiful Flipbook Collage Of 852 Instagram Photos


852 Instagrammers have submitted one photo each to comprise a narrative video of a day in the world. Posted On Vimeo, we get scenes from Paris, New York, Australia and a litany of other places scored by a Black Keys song and assembled by videographer Thomas Jullien. In the footage, which plays like a flipbook, […]

Movin’ On Up: Vimeo Reveals Impressive Unique User and Paying Subscriber Numbers


IAC/InterActiveCorp wants to remind people that YouTube isn’t the only online video platform in town. Executives of IAC, a company that owns over 50 internet properties including About.com, Match.com, The Daily Beast and, of course, Vimeo, revealed that their online video site has more than 100 million unique users and 400,000 paying subscribers. Those audience […]

YouTube’s Most Popular Sixth-Grade Metal Band Featured In Heartwarming Documentary


In 2007, Brooklynites Malcolm Brickhouse and Jarad Dawkins started a metal band affectionately known as Tears of Blood. The now-6th graders have since formed a new band, Unlocking The Truth, which can be seen melting the collective faces of New Yorkers in one of many popular YouTube uploads. The Avant/Garde Diaries channel has recently put […]

Film4 Partners With Vimeo To Release Short Films ‘Jonah,’ ‘Dr. Easy’


UK-based cable channel Film4 is teaming up with Vimeo to release two short films on the video-streaming site as part of their Film 4.0 project, ScreenDaily.com reported. The two films screening on Vimeo are “Jonah,” a film featured at this year’s Sundance Film Festival which tells a story about two friends who dream big after […]

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