Makeup Guru Posts Suicide Video To YouTube, Takes Her Own Life

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16-year-old Maddie Yates, a YouTuber from Louisville, Ky. posted a three-minute long suicide video to her YouTube channel on Monday and then took her own life moments later. The makeup and lifestyle advocate was reportedly despondent over a friend who had herself committed suicide almost a year to the day before Maddie. In fact, Maddie […]

Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Danny Zappin Delaying Disney’s $500mm Acquisition of Maker Studios

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I’ve never been a particularly good listener when it comes to authority figures, so when reclusive NMR owner Danny Zappin temporarily poked his head out of his likely Walden Pond cabin (okay, except the cabin is a hipster bachelor pad, and Walden Pond is Venice Beach) to comment on a recent NMR article, the decisively […]

CEO of Divimove, Europe’s Biggest MCN, Talks The Future of MCNs [INTERVIEW]

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Imagine going from starting a small YouTube MCN to being the CEO of the biggest MCN on the continent. That’s Brian Ruhe, the CEO and co-founder of the eclectic MCN Divimove. With over 1300 creators signed and roughly 300 million views a month across their channels, Divimove is a dominant force on the European YouTube […]

Let The Countdown Begin: Presenting The 10 Best ‘Game of Thrones’ Fan Videos [VOTE INSIDE]


When I started at NMR, I couldn’t give a spit about “Game of Thrones.” But since that time, OH MY GOD!!!!!!!! A brilliant show! And finally, we’re getting our (long overdue) next installment! But if you think I’m excited and you’re excited, just check out how excited these YouTube creators must have been to make […]

Top 8 Funniest Pranks From YouTube Creators on This April Fool’s Day

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You’d think that on April Fool’s Day, the prank channels would all take the day off. They’d maybe sit back, relax, and let us wreak some havoc of our own (not that us non-prankers would be very good at it, but still). Instead, nope. As Vitaly and Prank vs. Prank and others show us, prankers […]

Vice Co-Founder Gavin McInnes Has Punched Out A Baby, Filmed A Netflix Movie & Thinks You Are Weak [INTERVIEW]


[Editor’s note: Hey kids, this is an awesome, but also very un-PC, interview. No “letters to the editor,” because THE EDITOR HAS WARNED YOU (and also because stupid emails give me tummy aches).] A huge part of being a good interviewer is that you have to have an awesome interviewee. And YouTuber/Godfather of Hipsterdom Gavin […]

DJ Flula Borg Interviews the Fans at Playlist Live 2014 as NMR’s Ultimate Man on the Street [VIDEO]


If you’re one of the few dummkopfs who still don’t know Herr Flula Borg, YouTube and music meister, you’re kaput to us. For those that have have been turned on to the German YouTuber/DJ, congrats for being a member of the Forever Flula Club, and: achtung! NMR unleashed Flula on the young, bewildered fans of […]

Reckless Tortuga Brings ‘The Online Gamer’ Season 2 To Fruition On Kickstarter [INTERVIEW]


Normally when someone runs a crowdfunding project that we cover, NMR has to be all like, “So make sure you get over there and help _____________ out because they need all the help they can get to make this ______________ project happen.” Not Reckless Tortuga. They don’t need your whore money! Okay, maybe that’s a […]

NMR, BiteSizeTV Team Up To Throw Hot, Hot, Hot YouTube Oscar Party At the W [VIDEO]


NMR might have had one of the finest nights of its relatively young life on Sunday night with the Oscars in full swing. Partnering up with the likes of BiteSizeTV, NMR descended upon the W Hotel in Hollywood under the pretenses of watching the Oscars. I don’t know about our guests, but NMR was way […]

YouTuber/Musician Mike Falzone To Drop His New Album ‘Zebadiah Zebra Pants’ On A Computer Near You [INTERVIEW]

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Mike Falzone is one of those people I think I could be good buddies with. I always look at people I’m interviewing and think, “Could I hang out with this person and drink beers?” And fortunately, the answer is a resounding “yeah, why the hell not?” Mike is a multi-hyphenate — as in author, musician, […]

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