Is it PrankvsPrank? Or ‘Chip Chocolate’? Who Cares As Long As It’s ‘The Cookie Dance’ [INTERVIEW]

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Ladies and gentlemen, hold your cups of milk up high as I present to you … “The Cookie Dance.” From “Chip Chocolate,” better known in some circles as Jesse Wellens, the male half of YouTube comedy duo PrankvsPrank, the likeliest nominee for infectious groove of the Fall is here. Who knew setting flows about delicious-ass […]

Taryn Southern Takes You Into YouTubers’ Houses ‘Cribs’-Style with New Look TV Shows [INTERVIEW]

Taryn Southern

Ever wondered what it was like to be in your favorite YouTuber’s house? Have you been stalking that YouTuber and secretly mapping out a plan to break in and hide in their closet for the right moment to profess your love of their work, Kathy-Bates-in-“Misery”-style? Don’t worry, because you’re not alone (have you seen the […]

I Guess That Fortune Cookie Was Right: Danny Zappin Buys NewMediaRockstars


Editor’s note: Dear NewMediaRockstars Reader, So … how’s it going? Yeah, we know it’s been a hot minute since we last talked, but we missed you. We really, really missed you. And judging from your emails, you missed us too (Okay, fine – one of them was from my mom asking whether or not I […]

The Girls Behind ‘Hot Mess Moves’ Talk What Makes A Hot Mess Woman & The Show’s Inspiration [INTERVIEW]


Lucy and Ethel, Thelma and Louise, Elliot and Carla, and now, Lyle Friedman and Ashley Skidmore. The writers and stars of the web series “Hot Mess Moves,” Lyle and Ashley, first met in a class at Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, the famous improv theatre in New York. Though complete opposites in personality — Lyle is […]

A Day in the Life of Smosh: Ian & Anthony at Vidcon 2013 & Meeting their Top Indiegogo Donor Superfan [NMR VIDEO DOCUMENTARY]


On the second floor of the Anaheim Convention Center, tucked away from mobs of VidCon fans, Ian and Anthony of Smosh are met by a surprisingly quiet room. Professional, yet personable, the dynamic duo seemed relieved by their hushed reception, grateful to be away from the screaming mobs they’ve spent the last 12 hours immersed […]

iJustine, Joey Graceffa, Jim Chapman & Tanya Burr Throw Down On DailyMix Show Filmed At Warner Bros. [VIDEO INTERVIEW]


Beneath the iconic water tower of Warner Brothers studio, YouTubers the likes of Jim Chapman, Tanya Burr, Joey Graceffa, iJustine, Itsmejennae and Allie Evans from Glass Slipper Beauty gathered to film a series of game show videos as part of a collaboration between StyleHaul and DailyMix — a beauty and makeover channel hosted by some […]

The Collective Digital Studio’s VidCon Party Lights Up DisneyLand And The House of Blues


Set against the backdrop of Disneyland fireworks, tourists and the House of Blues: Anaheim, the Collective Digital Studio party in conjunction with NewMediaRockstars was the “in” scene on Thursday night, bringing out the glittering stars of YouTube. Coming off of VidCon 2013’s “Industry Day,” many of the Collective Digital Studio’s impressive roster of YouTube scenesters […]

‘Internet Icon’ Judges Ryan Higa, Timothy Delaghetto & Christine Lakin Talk Season Two Finale [INTERVIEW]


The season finale of “Internet Icon” season 2 was a blast. Rarely do you see a live show executed as well as this one was! The audience was excited as the top 10 channel finalists made an appearance, season one’s The Fu and Lana McKissack stole the night with a hilarious song about the season two […]

Author/Creator John Green On Subbable And The Future Of YouTube Advertising [INTERVIEW]


It should be said from the start that Subbable is not a YouTube competitor. And while it may share similarities to crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, Subbable creators John and Hank Green seem focused on more than pledges and fundraising. “Advertisers just want the most views, not the most engaged views. We fear this […]

Geek and Sundry’s Felicia Day Talks Being a Geek, Sexism In Gaming And Her YouTube Geek Week Projects [INTERVIEW]


Geek and Sundry creator Felicia Day would be the first to call herself a “geek.” She first started gaming as a little girl and found the virtual world on her computer screen to be an escape from reality. Now at 34 years old, Felicia’s decades of gaming experience have helped spur her successful YouTube career […]

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