Roku Wises Up And Gets YouTube … Finally


So Roku has finally gotten around to reading our thousands of letters and added YouTube to their available channel listings. Now available to any Roku connected after July 2011, the YouTube channel is an official and vastly superior to the old hacking method of finding YouTube videos through other options (like that old way). According […]

Google To Offer Downloadable App Ads With Search Engine and YouTube Queries


Whelp, I’m going to be inundated with offers for lots of porno apps … Google thought it was being helpful when it announced today that they are going to start splicing in tailored downloadable app offers with your mobile search queries on their search engine and YouTube channels. Look, Google, in this NSA-phobic age we […]

Do You Make The Cut? YouTube Set To Pick Top 5 Percent of YouTubers For NewFronts Ad Deals


Well this is going to get awkward … How do you separate the wheat from the equally deserving wheat? YouTube is going to have to make this determination very soon as the NewFronts advertising media blitz gets set to kick off next week. As part of YouTube’s initiative to gobble up more lucrative advertising deals, […]

The Slow Death of A Crooked Empire: Is YouTube Really Hurting The Music Industry?


$40 million. That’s the number news sites have been touting grandly as the detrimental financial impact YouTube has on the music industry per year. And all of them state the same recent study conducted by a couple of researchers from Fairfield University and the University of Colorado Boulder. In 2009, Warner Bros. yanked all their […]

Is YouTube Looking Towards TV? Their New Ad Campaign Seems to Say So

Screen shot 2014-04-14 at 6.48.17 PM

A little while back NMR told you about a forthcoming YouTube advertising campaign featuring the likes of Bethany Mota, Michelle Phan and Rosanna Pansino. First the campaign popped up in print form last week — now the girls of YouTube have hit the airwaves, appearing in promotional spots between the “MTV Movie Awards” and “Mad […]

Last Call For The ‘Coachella on YouTube’ Train … Last Call, Poor Hipsters!


Got no plans for the weekend? Bored, lazy and regretting that you violently chased off everyone who loved you? Yeah, NMR knows just how you feel. That’s why we’re reminding you one last time that you can spend the whole weekend watching Coachella for free on YouTube! Now you can lie to your co-workers in […]

How YouTube Can Brilliantly Solve Their Music Service Issues


YouTube is delaying its music service … AGAIN. You know what would happen if I kept putting off writing articles? My bosses would take away my company-issued Ferrari and entourage of female models/assassins that protect me around the clock (only one of them gets to ride in the Ferrari with me at a time though […]

YouTube Unveils New Creator Playbook For Brands: 6 Things You Need To Know


Okay, we threw that “what you need to know” tag on the title just to get you to click in (that’s kind of a big no-no according to the Playbook though) — you pretty much should know everything this book has to offer if you want to be taken seriously as a YouTuber. This thing […]

YouTube Asks Users To Submit Meme Ideas To #NewTrends Conveniently On April Fool’s Day [VIDEO]

Screen shot 2014-04-01 at 4.03.30 PM

Darn it, YouTube, you got our hopes up again. Last year, NMR thought we were finally going to have a definitive answer to the number 1 YouTube video of all time (screaming goats for the win). And now this year, we were already brainstorming out crispy ideas for your #newtrends project (our first one was […]

YouTube Ramps Up Its Advertising Game To Take On TV, Thwart Yahoo


YouTube has revamped its strategy for grabbing dollars from TV networks: beat them at their own game. Utilizing a strategy long owned by television and previously only tested in small markets by YouTube, the video aggregate site is guaranteeing marketers that it will run ads in a more narrowly defined focus via their Google Preferred […]

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