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  • Jtzb AllDay

    so what if we are dating

  • jason

    omg no way when did you find this out

  • Sarah

    OMG, found out the other day that YouTuber Jtzb AllDay is dating YouTuber PartyPanda 2015

  • Bob Moses

    Collective Digital Studio to buy Blue Ant Media in international expansion push

  • Tammy B

    China Anne Mcclain and Ahmaad Aspen secretly dating.

    Even though Ahmaad’s denying that there is anything romantic
    going on with China can tell you that China is the first girl that Ahmaad has
    considered getting into a relationship with since that horrible break with Cher
    Lloyd back in 2009.

    Ahmaad Aspen and China Anne Mcclain spend quite a bit of
    time together. Okay, let’s be honest, they are glued on each other! But
    although they might not be a full on couple, we can tell you that Ahmaad has
    certainly thought about dating China and there are one million reasons why.

    A source told me “He said China is the first girl since Cher that he could see himself in a very
    long relationship with. He said he likes her cause she’s mellow, down to earth
    and cool, creative and edgy, but mostly super independent and not at all crazy.

    OMG this is so sweet! We can name another few reasons why
    they make a great couple: they are both celebrities, they like each other, and
    they run in the same circle of friends.

    It’s a huge deal that Ahmaad is even thinking this way about
    China because he was with Cher lloyd for such a long time. We would love to see
    him and Cher back together and we can’t help but reminisce on their love and
    secretly pray for them to get back together lol!

    But Ahmaad went to great lengths to tell the world that he’s
    not dating China. He took to Twitter, November 15, and said that he and China are just
    friends. Here was his caption: “Y’all are really crazy lol. I’m single and she is my best friend trust you
    would know. He posted it along with a pic of himself and China.

  • Holly

    For #MusicMondays you NEED to check out Zack Venegas and Kaelynn Harris. I know you know of Yanis Marshall and Brian Friedman of course but check out Zack Venegas for definate! He is Amazing!

  • David

    Would You Rather Sex Vs Relationship

  • Jace Paul

    Hi! I’d like to humbly request that you check out the web series “AP Life,” which I wrote and directed. The trailer for the show is here, as is Episode 1 which premiered on Wednesday. Thanks!

  • n

    StyleHaul loses 45 thouuuusand subscribers in 6 days after posting all of Web Therapy to their channel. They clearly had high hopes based on this article-

    Why exactly did they think their 14 year old audience would care about Lisa Kudrow and who thought spamming their subbers inboxes was a good idea?

  • n


  • Larry

    For Fans of The Walking Dead and anybody who likes scary stuff:

  • Dennis Perepechkin

    Hello NewMediaRockstars, My name is Dennis and I am a beginner you-tuber with almost 100 subscribers. Since you review interesting and entertaining YouTube videos, I hope that you will like this short film.

  • Leah Pinder

    EXCLUSIVE Kylie Jenner FINDS ROMANCE in the islands with Ahmaad Aspen

    It’s the show business question that everyone’s been asking for weeks – just who has put the smile back on Kylie Jenner’s face? Rumours have been rife over the last few months regarding the elaborate and usually enigmatic love life of Kylie Jenner, but the newly found twinkle in those famous eyes and the pronounced spring in those celebrity steps betray the undeniable fact that Kylie Jenner has found new love and that those lonely nights are finally a thing of the past.

    Despite Kylie Jenner’s determined efforts to keep that much envied new lover out of the hungry glare of the public, we can exclusively reveal that the person who has put the romance back into Kylie Jenner’s life is none other than 19 year old Pop, R&b singing sensation Ahmaad Aspen. from Bahamas. So now the world knows – the only boy that’s man enough for Kylie Jenner is the stunningly charming guy known as Ahmaad Aspen.

    While other, overly zealous, hacks sharpened their pencils in Hollywood or Monte Carlo – spreading malicious rumours around media-hyped photo opportunities and celebrity gossip, our reporters followed a chain of events which lead us to Bahamas, where the truth about Kylie Jenner’s new flame was finally revealed. Last Saturday evening both Mr Aspen and Kylie Jenner were spotted leaving a popular nightspot at the same time. Coincidence? We think not.

    Detractors may point out that the two nightspots in question were miles apart, and that Kylie Jenner has probably never set foot in Bahamas, but further evidence would soon come to light to silence the doubters. The very same night, a certain Mr and Mrs ‘Smith’ allegedly booked in to Bab’s Bed and Breakfast just outside Bahamas. Unfortunately, our reporter was unable to confirm or deny that either of the so called ‘Smiths’ bore any resemblance to Kylie Jenner but we feel that our evidence could point to an illicit romp with Ahmaad Aspen.

    Mr Aspen would not normally be recognised as a man that would catch the eye of the world renowned Kylie Jenner – but as we all know, appearances can be deceptive! An unnamed spokesperson for Aspen’s workplace confirmed our suspicions when he told our reporter that “Ahmaad is always talking about Kylie Jenner and is obviously infatuated”. He went on to say that “His work has suffered lately and he has been turning up looking extremely drained.” Could this be due to long nights of passion with the enchanting Kylie Jenner?

    Kylie Jenner insists, of course, that “I have never bloody heard of Ahmaad Aspen” but we know different, and we can confirm that Mr Aspen is the man that has put the ‘aah’ back in to ‘passion’ for Kylie Jenner.

    As we went to press, Mr Aspen was unavailable for comment as he was rumoured to be suffering Swimmers ear. A bacterial ear infection!

  • barry gibb

    YouTuber Steve Greene SLAMS Youtubers who film themselves doing charity:

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  • Brian

    Hey NewMediaRockstars!

    Wanted to share with you this funny Man of Steel video we put up today on The Warp Zone. In classic Avengers fashion, we parody a potential Man of Steel post credits scene to the original Iron Man post credit scene. But instead of Nick Fury, there’s another dark figure hiding in the shadows just waiting to invite Superman to join the Justice Team. Er- League! Hilarity ensues…

    Here’s the link:

    Thanks and enjoy!