YouTube Analytics Update Lets Creators See Performance of Their Top 200 Videos


YouTube announced Thursday that it has improved its Analytics feature so content creators can know how well their channels and videos are performing. Content creators can now see how their top 200 videos are doing under the new Analytics update, and multi-channel networks can see statistics from their top 200 channels. Besides letting content creators […]

YouTube Analytics Site StatSheep Charts Channel Relationship Through Network Graphs


A YouTube statistics site is charting the ways YouTube creators in specific categories interact with each other through their new Network Graphs.’s graphs, which resemble a cluster of multi-colored paint drops on a canvas, currently focus on the music and gaming-themed channels and show the relationships between those channels as densely populated areas or […]

Husky ‘Talking’ To Baby Doesn’t Deliver On Content For Time Invested [VIDEO]


Maybe I’ve become spoiled by web pornography, but any time I see that a video on YouTube has a long run time now, I’m expecting to see a sweet payoff at the end. Maybe not a “pop shot” as its known in the perverted arts, but at least a little “thank you” for sticking around. Now, […]

YouTube Updates Analytics Tools So Partners Can Better Measure Engagement


For those of you not lucky enough to get a little extra cash from Google as part of their premium programming initiative, YouTube is still doing their best to help each one of their partners out. Earlier today, YouTube announced that they would be rolling out updated and more sophisticated analytics tools for creators. YouTube’s […]

Internet Video Of Cockroach-Eating Death Spurs a Dark Future


As technology progresses in this society, more and more we are forced to encounter some hard truths: Bigfoot does not exist, ghosts do not exist, also: people die. That last one is particularly prevalent, as lately, the Internet has been increasing its amount of footage that veers dangerously close to “snuff.” Snuff films are generally […]

Gangnam Style: YouTube ‘Misplaces’ Its ‘Most Liked’ Video?


Something evil is happening over at YouTube. At least, that’s what the conspiracy theorist side of me thinks. But you know what? I’m not alone in thinking it.PSY’s video “Gangnam Style,” which has mesmerized the Internet (not to mention NMR’s articles of late) is clearly the “Most Liked” YouTube video of all time if you […]

With #SaveYouTube Behind Us, Is The Future Of YouTube Clear?


Friday, May 25, 2012, YouTube announced on the official creators blog that their ongoing effort to remove inactive accounts would conclude at the end of the day. In the post, YouTube once again stresses the need to delete dead accounts, saying, “We’re doing this because these accounts do not drive views to your channel.” It […]

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