12 Real-Life YouTube Couples Whose On (And Off) Screen Chemistry Is Almost Too Much To Handle


Love, is there anything better? It’s the chemical imbalance that makes the sun shine a little brighter and turns even the most cynical of people into giant, whistling Hallmark cards. And while YouTube has arguably become the newest platform for cutting edge web series and personal vlogs, it has also become the home to our […]

Did GMA Do Her Wrong? Jenna Marbles & YouTube Lash Back Over Unfair ‘Good Morning America’ Interview


Don’t mess with the internet — bitches be crazy! On April 14th, Jenna Marbles was featured in the New York Times’ Sunday Styles section in an article that chronicled her rise to YouTube stardom. A traditional media platform writing about the power of social media (?!), it seemed as if the internet world was gaining […]

Is It Hot In Here Or Is It Just This List?: The Classy Girls’ Guide to YouTube’s 5 Hottest Guys


With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, it’s hard not to let the single-person-blues get the best of you. All those damn heart balloons and declarations of love can feel like a big f-you from ole’ Cupid himself. So while I can’t miraculously summon a man friend to keep you company this V-Day — I’ll […]

SMOSH Becomes The #1 Most-Subscribed YouTube Channel


[UPDATED 6:31 p.m. PST] It looks like Ray William Johnson (former #1 most subscribed YouTube Channel) will be working with Smosh on an upcoming video and will be filming tomorrow! So the maniac twosome of SMOSH just reclaimed the title of being the #1 channel on YouTube! NMR wants to congratulate Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla […]

Smosh Overtakes Nigahiga For 2nd Most Subscribed YouTube Channel


YouTube’s most popular comedic duo Smosh overtook Nigahiga as the second most subscribed channel on the video-sharing site late last week. According to VidStatsX, Smosh has added 117,321 subscribers this past week to bring their total to 6,462,739. In comparison, Nigahiga has gained 73,282 subscribers in seven days, and his total stands at 6,433,373 — […]

Anthony Padilla Talks Smosh Games, Zelda And ‘Humiliating Punishment’


Oh Smosh, you won’t be happy until you conquer the Internet. In addition to their incredibly successful YouTube channel and website, Ian and Anthony (also known as Smosh) have recently launched an all-gaming channel — SMOSH Games. Alloy Digital’s sibling show ClevverGames and Smosh have united to make Smosh Games an all-encompassing look into everything […]

11 Exclusive Tips You Need To Know Before Dating a YouTuber (From YouTubers!)


Hey there, love-lorn YouTube fan or creator. Just because you make or are dating someone who makes YouTube videos for a living, it doesn’t mean you can’t have love. We are all searching for that one true love, as Bon Jovi put it: “I’m burning for love, Filled with desire, I can’t stand the heat. And my […]

Smosh hits 5 million subscribers [EXCLUSIVE]


Thanks to our friends at VidStats, NMR just found out that congratulations are in order for Smosh–who reached 5 million subscribers on YouTube! When we asked Smosh how they felt about their tremendous achievement, Anthony Padilla told NMR: “5 million is such a really huge amount of people. I can’t even picture that many people […]

Smosh | New Media Personalities


What do you get when NMR makes a tumultuous 8-hour drive up the California I-5 to have lunch with the online geniuses that power Smosh? A hilarious tag-team conversation over Vietnamese takeout at their studio/house, followed by a wacky photo shoot with duct tape and plastic pink flamingos! If you fell in love with the […]

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