YouTube App Update Features Live Streaming and TV Play


YouTube’s live streaming feature is now available on its app for the iPhone and the iPad thanks to its latest update. You can finally watch live events from the convenience of your Apple mobile device. Besides live streaming, the YouTube app update version 1.3 as described on their iTunes page includes the new “One Channel” […]

Survey Says Nearly Half of All iPhone Users Have YouTube App


Barely four months after Apple removed the built-in YouTube app in its iOS 6 update, nearly half of iPhone users have downloaded YouTube’s standalone app, according to results released by mobile data company Onavo. In its report, Onavo stated: “When YouTube became available as a free download in the App Store, there was no doubt […]

Microsoft, Google Fight Over YouTube App For Windows Phone


I love it when big tech fights. In a relationship more acrimonious than peanut butter & jelly (jelly fucking HATES peanut butter), Google and Microsoft have been sparring over Google’s apparent refusal to let Microsoft use YouTube for their Windows phone. Microsoft fussy that someone is interfering with their business? How ironic. Apparently the two […]

New YouTube Camera App Allows Creators To Upload and Promote Videos on the Fly


Upgrade your data plan right now because you’ll be sharing your videos from your iPhone and iPod Touch much quicker with this new YouTube app. While the biggest selling point for the YouTube Capture app is that it lets you share and send videos from your phone at lightning speed, it also has some enhancements […]

‘Hitman: Absolution’ Facebook App Snuffed Out After Letting Users ‘Kill’ Their Friends


Move over, Venetian sunglasses that Kanye West thought looked cool at one point, there’s a new terrible-idea-turned-actual-product in town. A new Facebook app, which allowed players to “assassinate” their friends, was axed almost immediately after its release yesterday. The “Hitman: Absolution” Facebook app was a tie-in with the Square Enix video game of the same […]

YouTube Launches Updated iOS App, Supports iPad & Scales to iPhone 5 Screens


YouTube has released an updated app for the iPhone 5 and the iPad today. This is the first time a version of YouTube’s app will support iPad functionality since it was pulled as one of Apple’s pre-loaded applications. The app features AirPlay streaming, which allows users to wirelessly stream content from iOS devices to HDTVs […]

Get The Free YouTube App For Nintendo’s New Wii U Console


Now playing on your new Nintendo Wii U is the YouTube app. You can download it for free straight from the game console’s menu and watch 1080p HD-quality video in your living room. The YouTube app menu lets you easily scroll for featured YouTube video picks based on categories like music, comedy and entertainment. The […]

New YouTube App Upgrade Will Correct iPhone 5′s Full-Screen Problem


A common complaint from iPhone 5 users is that the stand-alone YouTube app doesn’t fit well with the longer screen. For them, it’s impossible to watch a full-screen video on the iPhone 5 because the app can’t fill the display. YouTube launched their newly-developed app for iPhones back in September after Apple dropped the built-in […]

Tumblr’s New iOS App: Now With GIFs!


Tumblr is enhancing mobile users’ experience by launching a new iPhone and iPad app today completely running with iOS as opposed to a browser. In a blog post, the company said: “We’ve been working hard on some new updates for you, and are thrilled to pull the curtain off of a big one — our […]

Mobile App SeeMail Brings Storytelling To Social Media


Here’s the problem with texting, commenting, and tweeting: Context. You know those celebrities who get themselves in trouble because of an inadvertently offensive tweet, then claim it was misinterpreted? Yeah, they could have really used some context. How someone reads your response to, “Does this make me look fat?” could make all the difference between […]

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