Dailymotion and Joshfire Team Up To Give Content Creators the Ability to Design Free Apps


Dailymotion is partnering with French app developer Joshfire to create a service for the United States market that lets content creators design and create free video apps for the iOS, Android, smart televisions and the web. The Joshfire Factory on Dailymotion platform masks the complex tasks of app coding and programming and lets creators add […]

Twitter Opens Up App Link, Photo Gallery Features for Tweets to Developers


You may not know it by name, but Twitter Cards are the features used by more than 10 thousand developers and websites to let them display embedded content on tweets such as photos, website links and videos. Now Twitter is introducing new features in “Cards” such as mobile app deep-linking where users can access apps […]

YouTube To Shut Down Its YouTube Create Program For Third-Party Apps


YouTube is shutting down its YouTube Create program after nearly two years of operation, according to GigaOm. This means that third-party apps wishing to take advantage of YouTube’s application programming interface (API) will have to look elsewhere for guidance. When YouTube launched YouTube Create in 2011, the company described how it works in a post […]

Twitter Introduces New 6-Second Video-Sharing App Vine To iPhone and iPad Users


For months, Twitter has hinted that they would become a social media hub and eventually enter into the video-sharing business. That moment is finally here. Twitter recently acquired a video-sharing site called Vine and just released a new app of the same name available for iPhones and iPads. On this app, users can shoot and […]

Ouch: Facebook Poke drops Out of Top 700 in Free Apps After Only One Month


You kids wanna see a dead body? These days, for just such an experience, you need look no further than Facebook’s “Poke” application. While Laptop magazine just rated it a better product than its chief competitor, Snapchat, the app-hungry public doesn’t quite see the competition as anywhere near that close. You see, according to App […]

Instagram Reverts To Old Terms Of Service After Disastrous User Response


In the wake of the disastrous response users had towards Instagram’s updated terms of service, the photo-sharing site’s co-founder, Kevin Systrom, is doing some serious backpedaling. Earlier today, Systrom wrote in a blog post, “Because of the feedback we have heard from you, we are reverting this advertising section to the original version that has […]

Xbox Live Will Add Vimeo, Machinima To Its App Expansion In The Coming Weeks


Embarking on one of their most ambitious app expansions yet, Xbox Live will roll out more entertainment options for the Xbox 360 in the coming weeks. According to Microsoft’s director of programming for Xbox Live Larry Hyrb, the game console’s entertainment service will launch more than 45 new apps, most of them country-specific. Today, United […]

5 Apps For Surviving Black Friday


If you’re not willing to risk getting trampled for that $5 discount on the iPad or aren’t ready to fight to the death for the last Sesame Street doll, please don’t bother reading the next few paragraphs. But if you’re battle-ready for Black Friday, you’ll need to have some survival skills if you want to […]

Watch This Now: Batman Freaks Out Over Terrible Apple Maps In iPhone 5 Parody


Even Batman needs directions once in a while, but don’t try to recommend Apple Maps as one of his superhero tools. Like many before him, the caped crusader is just as confused and frustrated as to why Apple ditched Google for its universally-panned Maps app that has difficulty giving proper directions. In a parody YouTube […]

Tumblr’s Free iPhone Photoset App: Tell Stories with Your Photos


If you’ve got a visual story to tell, and Instagram isn’t cutting it, Tumblr has a solution for you. In an already crowded photo app market, Tumblr released its very own free photo app Thursday for the iPhone and the iPad called Photoset, which is an already popular function on the blogging site. The name […]

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