‘More NFL’: Bad Lip Reading Is Back To Its Hilarious Football Misunderstandings [VIDEO]

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Another NFL season is mostly in the books; that means it’s time for another edition of the funniest video by the funniest channel on YouTube. “More NFL” heralds in the return of Bad Lip Reading’s instant classic idea of setting funny words to pro football’s biggest names. With Bad Lip Reading, lines like “My neighbor […]

Bad Lip Reading Kicks Funny’s Ass With Take on ‘Game of Thrones’ [VIDEO]

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I think Peter Dinklage saying, “Listen son, I’ll give you four cents each for them vanilla wafers,” might be the funniest thing on the internet right now. Bad Lip Reading is back, and while he hasn’t exactly toppled the mastery that was his NFL edition, to watch the elusive creator take on the cast of […]

Bad Lip Reading’s YouTube Channel Celebrates Their 1 Millionth Subscriber [EXCLUSIVE]


At a recent football game, Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson got excited when one of the interviewers had an “orange peanut” for him. He said: “An orange peanut? For me? Wow! An orange peanut? I accept you.” I’m kidding, that never happened. I don’t think anyone recalls Peterson asking for an orange peanut, though […]

‘Clerks’ Director Kevin Smith Joins Snoop Dogg, Robert De Niro at Maker Studios


The Maker stables have gotten a little fatter lately with the recent high profile addition of director-turned-star-podcaster, Kevin Smith. Smith, who ignited the slacker hearts of Generation X with his indie-film darling “Clerks,” is now a content creator for the powerhouse online studio responsible for such innovative web sensations as “Epic Rap Battles of History.” […]

Must Watch Video: Presidential Debate Gets The Bad Lip Reading Treatment


When Bad Lip Reading guy isn’t trying to figure out why Bella spits on his brother or whether or not Peeta had his “dog spit this evil grunge” on Katniss, he’s turning the 1st presidential debate into a bizarre musical where the candidates gaze lovingly into each other’s eyes. In his latest viral YouTube clip […]

MUST WATCH VIDEO: Bad Lip Reading’s New ‘Hunger Games’ Parody


Remember that scene in “The Hunger Games” where Katniss shoves Peeta to a wall and called him a “cow sack” because his “dog spit this evil grunge at me and you know you want to go dance with me!” Anyone? I didn’t think so. Although no such scene exists, this line comes from the ever […]

‘I Spit on My Brother’: Bad Lip Reading On His Super-Viral ‘Twilight’ YouTube Video [INTERVIEW]


Last week, Bad Lip Reading — the mysterious YouTube user who came out with his own interpretation of videos like Rebecca Black’s “Friday” and Michael Buble’s “Just Haven’t Met You Yet” —released his most awful lip reading to date. He’s decided to finally join the “Twilight” bandwagon in an attempt to interpret famous scenes featuring Edward […]

YouTube’s Bad Lip Reading: ‘It’s a Wonderful Time to be a Content Creator’ [INTERVIEW]


Try and guess which song has these lyrics: “Why don’t y’all just float off, now you’re useless/I need a woman with a Benz looking to lose it/I ate the cookie then I gave it back to Benny/There she go, now watch me flow.” Still haven’t deciphered it yet? It’s obviously Michael Buble’s song “I Just […]

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