Manny Pacquiao Immortalized in ‘Mannying’ Meme In Wake Of Epic Loss [GALLERY]


This past weekend, a particular fight went down that would go on to drop the hearts of the entire Filipino nation. Legendary Manny “Pacman” Pacquaio lost against rival boxer Juan Manuel Marquez. The Filipino icon fell after being struck with a monstrous knock out punch from Marquez in the sixth round. What resulted was a […]

Olympic Boxer Joseph Diaz Jr. Scores a KnockOut Through YouTube


Joseph Diaz, Jr. an American boxer trying to win his first Olympic gold medal, knocked out Ukrainian boxer Pavlo Ischenko in the bantamweight opener Saturday. He talked about his hopes of winning the gold to help his family make ends meet, but what was the secret to his successful fight over the weekend? YouTube. Yes, […]

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