The March Towards Audience Appreciation: What Content Will Look Like in 2013 [GUEST]


About the author: Bradley Werner is the VP of Production & Series Development at Digital Broadcasting Group (DBG) Without question, 2013 is going to be wildly entertaining. The trend of brands adopting and enacting content strategies, which we saw towards the end of 2012, is going to take a sharp turn up and to the […]

Avoiding the Pitfalls of Facebook Brand Management [GUEST POST]


As anyone might imagine, that brand new Johnny-come-lately business on Facebook isn’t exactly going to have a fevered following. No company goes from zero recognition to huge success overnight – at least none that are actually still around. You don’t want to be a flash-in-the-pan type of business; you want to be an established brand. […]

New Facebook Study Takes on Advertising Critics


Facebook is finally taking its naysayers on. ComScore, an Internet research marketing firm, released a detailed white paper in collaboration with the social media giant yesterday that made the case that Facebook is effective in influencing consumer behavior. The social networking giant has always received its fair share of criticism, but since their IPO began […]

How To Improve Engagement on Your Facebook Brand Page


Have a fan or brand page on Facebook but not getting the engagement you were wishing for? Well, tough luck because your brand probably sucks, is what an unhelpful jerk would say, but luckily for you I’m not totally unhelpful. Read on for insightful advice from the folks at Facebook (sorta), and then Wildfire Interactive […]

Managing Social Media For A Celebrity


Phil Pallen is a Social Media Designer based in Los Angeles, managing brands for celebrity and high-profile clients throughout North America. I’ll be honest — I have a pretty cool job.Everyday, I get to work with clients from different places, industries and walks of life. Some of my clients are pretty big players in the […]

Why Top Brands Create Tumblr Accounts


Being able to blog your favorite photos, videos, quotes, songs, links, thoughts and conversations with ease is perhaps the principal reason Tumblr has experienced such positive reception throughout the online community. Since its launch 4 years and 11 months ago, the popular microblogging platform has taken the Internet by storm, causing many top brands to gradually integrate […]

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