Girl’s Bullying Video Makes Impact Online, But Too Late To Save Her Life


This is a sad story about a girl named Amanda Todd who killed herself because she couldn’t escape bullying. For some of you, that’s all you need to read. For others, you hang around because you want the gory details. In this circumstance, the gory details are that a 15-year-old girl was peer pressured, stalked, […]

Should YouTube Mistakes Haunt You Forever?


Remember the video of Karen Klein, the bus lady from New York harassed by 7th grade students last week? After receiving a flood of donations for an all-expenses-paid vacation somewhere, her daughter has called for the harassment against the boys who bullied Klein to stop. Although Klein told CNN that some of the boys were […]

Social Media: The Bad and The Good


Despite all the positive things that social media has improved from activism to just about everything else, it does have its problems. We all know that self-esteem-challenged individuals who use social media are still unhappy, but let’s focus on groups for today. Overall, is social media a promoter of bad behavior amongst groups or is […]

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