From Cereal To Suicide: Buzzfeed’s Ability To Collect Info Might Make It The Creepiest Site On The Internet

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Blogger Dan Barker is on to something here. His latest post to has him questioning Buzzfeed’s intent with their “harmless quizzes.” It’s all potentially kind of sinister. According to Barker, Buzzfeed is recording everything about you — not uncommon with websites, many keep cookies on how many times you visit, your clicking habits … […]

The Onion Mocks Buzzfeed With New Comedy Survey Site ClickHole

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So The Onion has started a site parodying Buzzfeed. Be grateful that you are reading that information here, because this is the shit I had to wade through on another site to bring you this information: “The past few years have seen countless attempts to poke some of the steaming, foul air out of the […]

Buzzfeed, Sued For Millions Over Copyright Infringment, is Landmark Case For Internet


Buzzfeed is now the central figure in what is likely to be a landmark lawsuit for the internet. Kai Eiselein, an Idaho photographer, has alleged that the social media aggregate site Buzzfeed owes him $3.6 million for appropriating a photograph from his Flickr account. It isn’t so much that they used the photograph without compensation […]

BuzzFeed Announces YouTube Expansion Initiative Starting With L.A. Production Studio


Since September, the BuzzFeed Video YouTube channel has received over 170 million views across more than 500 videos, but for the viral tastemakers, that’s not good enough. Launching today, BuzzFeed will begin massive expansion campaigns for their online video operations. In addition, BuzzFeed has announced plans for a Los Angeles-based digital video studio created solely […]

2012 Obama & Romney Presidential Election Debates


[UPDATE] Live Stream has ended, watch replay below President Barack Obama and   Mitt Romney will meet for their first presidential election debate this Wednesday, which will be live streamed on YouTube. This will be the first time an election debate has ever been live streamed through the online video site.   YouTube is working with […]

140 Characters & More: Twitter Announces Expanded Tweets


Ever wish that you could preview more content, video, and images in others’ tweets before following their links to the full thing? Well, you’ve got your wish. Sort of. In a move widely seen to be a push for Twitter users to stay on the Twitter website longer, the microblogging company announced on their blog […]

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