Will ‘Gangnam Style’s’ Hwang ‘Little PSY’ Min-Woo be a Global Star in 2013?


After blowing up so quickly within the last six months, it would be a stretch to predict that PSY will have an even better year in 2013. After reaching more than 1 billion views on YouTube with “Gangnam Style,” it’s unlikely that PSY could outdo himself with a bigger single. So who will take up the […]

5 Celebrities Who Made it Big Through YouTube


Where do famous people come from? The snarky answer is “their mom,” but the reality is that more and more often, they’re creating their own fame. As of late, YouTube has been the go-to kingmaker for notables in the worlds of music, television and comedy. Global phenom PSY has shown that, with some charisma and […]

Mike Diva | New Media Renaissance Man


Inside a home in Covina once owned by Al Pacino’s father lives the zaniest, ADD’ed new media artist out there. You may remember him as the man who spawned the infamous “Sexy Sax Man” viral video, but Mike Diva does everything from music videos to filming skits and commcercials. It also helped that he’s been […]

Don’t Worry About Being Different In Social Media


So you want to be the next new media artist with one million plus views on YouTube, right? Your songs and video production seem to stand out from the myriad of other people attempting to perform a cover of the latest Adele single yet your original performances are not getting love. Don’t worry, you’re not […]

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