5 Pieces of Wisdom For New YouTube Creators From Self-Production Gurus Dormtainment [INTERVIEW]


So you want to start a YouTube channel. You’ve got your camera, your Mac and your dreams all packed up, and you’re hitting the road to find fame and fortune! (Are you pumped yet?) With the oversaturation of streaming video channels clogging the internet, viewers are being pulled in every which direction, making it harder […]

Dailymotion Nearly Doubles Monthly Videos Views, Plans Production Studio


Even though Dailymotion still has a long way to go in kicking YouTube from the top spot, the French video-sharing site is nearly doubling their monthly viewership in the United States, according to Beet.tv. Roland Hamilton, Managing Director for Dailymotion in the United States, said on Beet.tv that the video-sharing site has grown to 232 […]

YouTube Partner Program’s Margaret Healey Transfers to Google Fiber


After more than six years with the YouTube Partner Program, Margaret Healy is moving to Google Fiber to be a part of their business development. She made the announcement on her Google+ page early this morning, thanking content creators for their work over the years. Healy said, “I wanted to thank all you content creators for making work so […]

A 30-Second YouTube Trailer Could Get You Free Google Promotion


Good news, YouTube creators: the time to have your channel promoted on the famous Google Display Network has arrived. Much to everyone’s surprise, YouTube announced on the Official Creators Blog yesterday that there was only three days left to enter the free promotion program. The contest is YouTube’s attempt to test out a new form […]

YouTube Creator Calculations [INFOGRAPHIC]


Math. Thats right–math. Here at NMR, our team of dedicated scientists and engineers have developed yet another infographic! They have painstakingly derived multiple formulas from their YouTube studies to ascertain what specifically makes a type of content creator on YouTube. Please enjoy the fruits of their labor.     Illustration By Drew Rueda

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