LIVE NOW: Beet.TV & Dailymotion Talk The Future Of Online Video At Beet Retreat 2013


Where will digital video go next? Beet.TV, along with representatives from media companies like Dailymotion and NBCUniversal, are taking on this topic at a two-day event in Vieques, Puerto Rico starting today. The “Beet Retreat 2013” will focus on topics like digital video monetization, distribution technology and what will happen to entertainment and journalism content […]

3 Things Video Content Creators Must Know When Filming In Public


We showed you some videos this week of a man going around Seattle annoying the hell out of residents by filming them without their consent. Although the unknown filmmaker may have incurred the wrath of security guards, Chinese gamblers and a Scientologist, he was largely within his rights to do his filming because he did […]

Content vs. Distribution: An Analysis of YouTube’s MIPCOM Keynote


Earlier this week, YouTube’s Vice President and Global Head of Content Robert Kyncl spoke at the MIPCOM conference held in Cannes, France. The presentation was very informative and started with a short summary of the history of YouTube. Kyncl then went on to discuss YouTube’s growth and why online video is essentially the future of entertainment. […]

New YouTube Analytics Update Rewards Creators’ Watch Time (Bye, Reply Girls!)


How does a video on YouTube increase its chances of getting searched by other users? Does it have to be a featured post or is there the perfect timing for a video? Well, for those who need to know how their video is doing right now, YouTube will roll out enhanced watch time information as […]

Google+ Using YouTube Integration to Force Traffic?


Soon, Google+ pages for creators will be the key to connect your YouTube account as part of the company’s plan to unify its Google identity for channels. The company announced the new option to connect Google+ to YouTube pages in both its official YouTube blogs and the creator’s blog; thus far, the option has only […]

Should YouTube Split Premium & Regular Content?


Hulu Plus came first, now should we anticipate YouTube Platinum? An analyst knowledgeable of the online video company thinks that YouTube should spin off its website to feature quality content–for example, the 100-plus original channels that the company is funding right now. Allen Weiner, an analyst at Gartner, told USA Today, “Advertisers don’t want to […]

YouTube Shares Video Ideas On Pinterest


Pinterest has been a creative lover’s dream—it acts like a scrapbook that users can “pin” articles, fashion tips, recipes, photos–and yes–videos from YouTube. Now, almost a year since Pinterest introduced video pins to accompany its photo-sharing and article-sharing abilities, YouTube is officially making its mark on the addicting social media site by adding its own video […]

Google+: Does Anyone Use It?


While Facebook and Twitter has its users engaged constantly, the new kid on the block—Google+–is still struggling to shed its “ghost town” image. We told you a while back that Google+ clocked in at a mere 3 minutes per visitor monthly and for something that has been force-fed to millions of Google users that search […]

CNN Wants To Buy Mashable: Why They Should Say NO


The big story in the social media world is CNN’s rumored plans to purchase the news site Mashable for, get this–$200 million. Believe us, we’d be interested if our work gets noticed by such big names with big money—emphasis on interested. Although the headlines are suggesting that possibility, Pete Cashmore, the founder of Mashable, has […]

Don’t Worry About Being Different In Social Media


So you want to be the next new media artist with one million plus views on YouTube, right? Your songs and video production seem to stand out from the myriad of other people attempting to perform a cover of the latest Adele single yet your original performances are not getting love. Don’t worry, you’re not […]

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