4 Steps You Should Take If Someone Is Stealing Your YouTube Videos


Content theft is a sad yet inevitable reality that all YouTube creators will face at some point in their careers. Your hard work is out there for the entire Web to see and, in some cases, steal. This is the new age of bootleg DVDs, only now, money is being taken from independent creators, not […]

Are Copyright Laws Falling Behind in the YouTube Era?


Last week, a Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals judge in Illinois ruled that embedding copyrighted material on your website is not copyright infringement. The two-year battle stems from a copyright infringement lawsuit brought by Flava Works, Inc. against a video streaming site called MyVidster. Judge Richard Posner argued that no one — not the viewer […]

NASA Talks to NMR About Their Flagged YouTube Mars Landing Video


Last night’s landing of the Curiosity rover on Mars after its “seven minutes of terror” was yet another achievement by NASA in its ambitious quest to find life on the red planet. Cheers erupted at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena where staffers hugged and cheered the moment the rover made contact to mission control […]

The Cost of YouTube Piracy [INFOGRAPHIC]


Since YouTube’s creation, it has been making attempts at reducing copyright infringement. Even with its recent Jay Leno and Rick Astley fiascos, YouTube has so far largely managed to keep many illegal uploads from seeing the light of day. They’ve even go so far as to ban users from the site and preventing users from […]

YouTubers Ask Jay Leno & NBC: Y U Take Down My Video?


It should be a YouTube artist’s great moment when their video that only thousands of people have seen gets publicity as part of a segment of a long-running late night program. However, when Brian Kamerer and Travis Irvine wanted to keep their 2007 video of Irvine’s comical mayoral campaign ad on YouTube, they got shut […]

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