Creative Commons Co-Founder Lawrence Lessig Wins His Battle Against Music Publisher In YouTube Fair Use Dispute


Australian music publisher Liberation Music has learned something that most of us probably wouldn’t have needed a lesson to know to begin with: don’t mess with a Harvard Law professor who specializes in copyright and fair use issues over copyright and fair use issues. After a lengthy court battle, Liberation Music has settled with Harvard […]

YouTube Ordered To Remove Passive Aggressive Copyright Notifications on GEMA Content


While YouTube users in the US no doubt hate getting the “This video is unavailable in your country” notification ruining their video-viewing experience, it’s thankfully at least a pretty uncommon occurrence. For those living in Germany, however, it’s an often faced roadblock. GEMA, whose acronym stands for “Gesellschaft für musikalische Aufführungs- und mechanische Vervielfältigungsrechte,” which […]

YouTube’s Gamer Copyright Disaster Enters Its Second Week; Kevin Smith Weighs In [VIDEO]

youtube copyright

Okay, so where are we now with this whole crazy YouTube copyright debacle? Good question. YouTube isn’t backing down, the gamers who have been affected are still being affected, appeals are being made, media companies are claiming there are good guys and bad guys in all of this and everything is sort of still nuts. […]

Scheming YouTube Finally Responds To Gamers Over Copyright Woes


Ahhh, sneaky, sneaky YouTube. So a longstanding question has been answered in regards to why this whole YouTube gamer copyright snafu went down like it did. it’s even obvious when you think about it, but for some reason I’d never realized it … until now. The question is: “Why has YouTube been leaving up flagged […]

Not Just For Gamers: The Battle in the War Over Copyrights, YouTube and All Content Everywhere


There’s sort of an unspoken rule in the magazine business that you don’t promote your competitors. We don’t adhere to this rule though, and we’re strong believers in getting exposure to the best (and the absolute worst) that the internet has to offer. And in terms of sharp, smart coverage, I think Kotaku has done […]

Machinima & Others Come To Gamers’ Support In Wake of Copyright Nightmares


In the wake of massive copyright claims filed against YouTube gamers over the content of their “Let’s Play” videos, several major software makers and game companies have stepped forward to assert that it wasn’t their fault. Capcom, Machinima, Blizzard, Ubisoft and others have taken to social media to report that the copyright notices being sent […]

Bart Baker Celebrates Lorde Parody Victory, Criticizes YouTube Copyright System in Latest Video

bart baker

Fresh off his ‘Royals’ parody video’s reinstatement on YouTube, Bart Baker released a statement video yesterday celebrating his victory and also thanking his fans for their support and Lorde’s music publisher for correcting the problem. Toward the end of the video, Baker pleads for YouTube to make changes to their copyright system. Baker says in […]

Nintendo Videos Copyright Flagged in YouTube’s Latest Content ID Sweep


Numerous YouTube Let’s Plays of Nintendo and other video game companies’ titles are being flagged for copyright violations in the Google-owned company’s latest Content ID matching sweep. Twitter users and video game forums are abuzz with consternation that vloggers of Let’s Play videos featuring mostly Nintendo games are receiving copyright claims against those videos. Earlier this […]

Restored: Bart Baker’s Lorde Parody Back Up Suddenly After Music Publisher Snafu


Bart Baker’s parody video of Lorde’s “Royals” is back up as of noon PST. The video was taken down by YouTube on Wednesday afternoon after Lorde’s music publisher, Songs Music Publishing, flagged the video for what they allege was an illegal use of “Royals’” musical composition without license. Neither Songs Music Publishing or YouTube have […]

Songs Music CEO Comments on Bart Baker/Lorde Controversy in Heated Twitter Exchange With Fullscreen CEO


CEO Matt Pincus of Songs Music Publishing, the company responsible for the takedown of Bart Baker’s recent Lorde parody, spoke out on the situation we broke news of earlier today … by getting into a Twitter back-and-forth with Fullscreen CEO George Strompolos. Check out the contentious tweets below in order as they happened: The key […]

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