Will Facebook’s Revamped Marketplace End Craigslist’s Classifieds Domination?


Facebook’s Marketplace classified section may be an afterthought to users who cull through Craigslist on a regular basis, but Facebook’s plan may make their classifieds useful once again. According to company sources as reported by The Daily and VentureBeat, Facebook is once again trying to make its mark in online classifieds after outsourcing Marketplace to […]

Blogger Hires Slapper To Lessen His Time on Facebook, Increase Productivity


If there’s anything hurting productivity these days, it’s the amount of time we spend on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. You can bet that many bosses just wish they could slap their employees silly to stop them from wasting valuable work time. Maneesh Sethi, however, doesn’t mind getting slapped for wasting his time […]

Find Work on Labor Day: 5 Videos that will Help you Land Your Job


Ah, Labor Day. It’s not just a day off — it’s also enjoying the last official moments of Summer before the weather gets crummier and the air gets colder. Raise a glass to yourselves for all the hard work you’ve done over the past year! As for those who are looking for work, Labor Day […]

NMR Exclusive: Craig Newmark Interview (Founder of Craigslist)


Craig Newmark. Craigslist. The two will always be inseparable, even as the Craig in “Craigslist” has shifted his focus and energy into CraigConnects.org, his recently 1 year-old website that aims to “connect and protect organizations that are doing good.” How, specifically, does he see his website accomplishing such a vague but lofty-sounding goal? “It’s hard […]

Social Media Criminality


Let’s face facts people—some people shouldn’t be allowed to go on social media. While we admire the openness of what these myriad of tools has allowed us to do, you can expect that some may use them for more malicious or downright criminal tendencies. That’s right, criminals and just outright dumb people have free reign—unless […]

Web Corporations Protest Anti-Piracy Bills


Major websites and tech industry leaders have officially begun to fight back. In protest of SOPA and PIPA, websites like Craigslist, Wikipedia and Reddit have completely disabled access to their home pages.  Google and TechCrunch have also joined the fight by censoring their own logos in response to the anti-piracy bills. In case you missed our article about the Stop Online Piracy Act, the proposed […]

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