YouTube Prepares Creators For New Layout Changes, Asks Everyone To Mellow Out


Big interface changes are coming to YouTube, and in a surprisingly transparent blog post, YouTube explained exactly what these updates are all about. In other words, YouTube seems to have issued a “chill the fuck out, we know what we’re doing” statement. The post is part of a series called “YouTube Now,” which was created […]

YouTube Launches 3 New Updates To Streamline Creator’s Publishing Options


YouTube is making life for their partners easier with every new update. The video-hosting site announced earlier today that they will start rolling out three convenient upload options to help creators tailor their publishing schedules to their exact specifications. The new publishing options will allow creators to dictate how their subscribers are notified when a […]

YouTube Updates Analytics Tools So Partners Can Better Measure Engagement


For those of you not lucky enough to get a little extra cash from Google as part of their premium programming initiative, YouTube is still doing their best to help each one of their partners out. Earlier today, YouTube announced that they would be rolling out updated and more sophisticated analytics tools for creators. YouTube’s […]

YouTube Combines Channel Tabs For Quicker, More Efficient Video Browsing


YouTube seems to always be looking for new ways to simplify their user interface. Today, YouTube announced that they are merging the Feed and Video tabs into one “Browse Videos” tab. The previous tabs could be found at the top right corner of a YouTube channel’s menu but have now been replaced by the all-encompassing […]

YouTube Redesigns Their Homepage Feed Design, Adds New Features & ‘Highlights’ View


Noticed something different on your YouTube homepage lately? That’s because the video-sharing site has updated the way you get updates from the channels you’ve subscribed to and more. Some of the updated features this time around include larger thumbnails and a description of the video on your feed. Users can also control what updates they see […]

A 30-Second YouTube Trailer Could Get You Free Google Promotion


Good news, YouTube creators: the time to have your channel promoted on the famous Google Display Network has arrived. Much to everyone’s surprise, YouTube announced on the Official Creators Blog yesterday that there was only three days left to enter the free promotion program. The contest is YouTube’s attempt to test out a new form […]

YouTube Announces New & Improved Scheduled Publishing


YouTube’s scheduled improvements of scheduled publishing have been published. Got that? YouTube announced on their Creators Blog last night that they “heard your feedback that scheduled publishing was due for an overhaul,” and they’ve made updates to shut you the hell up. Scheduled publishing, if you don’t know, gives YouTube partners the ability to schedule […]

YouTube Update: VidCon Q&A To Address Creators’ Criticisms


Wednesday, June 20, 2012, YouTube announced on the official creators blog that they would be releasing a bi-weekly product bulletin. Hopefully, this will be an effective strategy that quickly addresses the truckloads of concerns and criticisms that creators level towards YouTube. While this week’s bulletin is worth a quick scan, there are a few updates […]

With #SaveYouTube Behind Us, Is The Future Of YouTube Clear?


Friday, May 25, 2012, YouTube announced on the official creators blog that their ongoing effort to remove inactive accounts would conclude at the end of the day. In the post, YouTube once again stresses the need to delete dead accounts, saying, “We’re doing this because these accounts do not drive views to your channel.” It […]

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