How Old is ‘Too Old’ To Be A YouTube Star?


Several months ago I began to wonder if there is a “shelf life” on being a YouTube creator. How old is too old — and is there an expiration date to being a star on the internet? If so, what is that age? Ever since then, I have revisited the question several times, bringing it […]

Big Frame’s Sarah Penna Provides 10 Questions You Should Ask Before Signing Network Contract


NMR friend Sarah Penna, co-founder of Big Frame, is known to drop some sage advice from time to time, so when she does, we tend to take notice. Today she unleashed a windfall of crucial knowledge in the form of her “Anatomy of a YouTube Contract: 10 Questions To Ask Your Network.” As Sarah points […]

5 Creative Ways To Use Annotations On Your Youtube Videos


YouTube creators have many ways of interacting with their audience. One important way that creators encourage audience participation is by making entertaining content. When you don’t have the content that pulls viewers to your channel, you won’t have the interaction you want. Another way of interacting with the audience that is sometimes overlooked by creators […]

YouTube NextUp 2012 Offers Creators A Chance To Collaborate For $7,000


Hey, all you mad dreamers out there slaving away on your YouTube channels worried that you’re going to die poor and alone! YouTube, through their Nextup contest, wants to help you with both of those concerns! For the 2012 iteration of their annual contest, YouTube wants you to partner up with another creator for a chance […]

5 Ways to Make Your YouTube Custom Thumbnails More Effective


Let’s face it — we usually judge a book by its cover. We do the same thing with YouTube videos; if we don’t like the thumbnail, chances are we won’t see it. Since YouTube expanded custom thumbnails to all partners in good standing last August after much-deserved pressure from content creators, creators have no excuse […]

YouTube Introduces InVideo Programming To Increase Partner’s Branding & Engagement


Here’s a fancy bit of YouTube news for you. As you know, keeping viewers glued to your channel is arguably the most important part of being a creator. YouTube has been helping creators keep their audiences engaged with the release of video annotations, enhanced metrics, and a brand new search algorithm. Now the video-sharing moguls […]

YouTube Updates Analytics Tools So Partners Can Better Measure Engagement


For those of you not lucky enough to get a little extra cash from Google as part of their premium programming initiative, YouTube is still doing their best to help each one of their partners out. Earlier today, YouTube announced that they would be rolling out updated and more sophisticated analytics tools for creators. YouTube’s […]

Bing Chen, Lead Of Creator Development, Talks The Future Of YouTube Partnership [INTERVIEW]


Right now is a scary time for YouTube creators. Everyday, YouTube seems to be dramatically evolving their interface, mobile applications and overall content strategies. The constant evolution of YouTube seems to be in the name of pushing the video-sharing site towards more network-style branded entertainment. With major celebrities like Wayne Brady, Madonna and Amy Poehler […]

YouTube Unveils More Streamlined Channel Templates For Partners


It’s a busy week for YouTube creators. First, YouTube announced that they are offering tools to help creators make simple intro and outro videos straight from the playlist editor. Now, on the YouTube Creator Blog, they have unveiled several new streamlined channel templates. The first of these updated channel templates is the Everything template. The […]

Vimeo Has Custom Thumbnails & Why ALL YouTube Partners Should Have Them Too


Back in April, as YouTube opened up partnership for all their content creators, the question on everyone’s mind was “What about custom thumbnails?” One of the biggest perks of YouTube partnership is the ability to customize your videos’ thumbnail images. After all, an interesting thumbnail is what will draw people to your videos. However, as […]

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