Next ‘Friday’: An Interview With Dave Days About His Duet With Rebecca Black on Their Huge New Hit ‘Saturday’

dave days rebecca black

A duet with Rebecca Black might be one of the biggest “gets” in all of the internet. And yet, Dave Days has had a few of them now with his work on her version of “Wrecking Ball” and a cover of Rihanna’s “Stay.” But nothing so far has been been nearly so huge or as […]

Big Frame Launches ‘Writing Room’ Series To Pair Hollywood Producers With YouTube Musicians


The public is obsessed with singing competitions. “Britain’s Got Talent,” “American Idol,” “The Voice” — we just can’t get enough of following those diamonds in the rough as they follow their voices to the spotlight. So it was really only a matter of time before YouTube wanted in on the action, and now it has. […]

YouTube’s Top Personalities Get Together For The Most Epic Collaboration Video of 2012

Screen Shot 2012-12-18 at 1.56.52 AM

As 2012 slowly comes to an end, the team at YouTube took some time to analyze which were the top 10 videos of the year based on views, shares, searches, parodies, remixes, and responses. YouTube then assembled a team of some of the top creators to produce one of the most epic collaboration videos of all […]

DanceOn’s ‘Dance Showdown’ Second Season on YouTube Set to Premier


DanceOn’s signature series “Dance Showdown” featuring D-Trix is back for a second season, and 12 YouTube celebrities are fighting for a bigger-than-before grand prize of $100,000. Viewers will get the chance to watch these dozen personalities dance their way to the top over 11 weeks starting next Friday, Oct. 5. Competing this season are Alphacat, […]

New Stream on the Block: Kondoot ‘Social Live Video’


There’s a new live streaming kid on the block, and he really wants to make some new friends. Kondoot — a play on the word Conduit — is looking to fill the gap between social networking sites like Facebook and live broadcast-focused sites like Ustream. Kondoot is still a wee little baby compared to similar […]

YouTube, Live Streams, TV & ‘New Media’: The Year of Living Digitally [GUEST POST]


Byron Austen Ashley is a digital producer based out of Los Angeles.  A recent graduate of the Northwestern University School of Communication, Byron works for the Big Frame network, serving as an Associate Producer for Dave Days and as a Production Coordinator for DeStorm Power.  In 2010, Byron was nominated for Best College Student Production – […]

Dave Days | Musician


If you have ever doubted the fact that YouTube holds the unique ability to transform lives, you have most likely never met YouTube’s #1 most subscribed musician, 20-year-old Internet boy genius, Dave Days. Since joining YouTube in 2007, the green polo-wearing, Miley Cyrus-loving Dave Days has risen from a childhood spent in relative obscurity in […]

VidCon 2012: 7 Essentials to pack


Attention: YouTube enthusiasts and lovers of online video, VidCon is upon us! The third annual Video Conference (VidCon) starts today with Industry day and will be taking over the Anaheim Convention Center from June 29-30. Fans and creatives should get ready to meet and rub elbows with YouTube elite like iJustine, Dave Days, ShayCarl and […]

Big Frame Gets Big Money For YouTube Network [EXCLUSIVE]


LA-based YouTube network Big Frame, which represents more than 100 YouTube channels that includes big name talents like DaveDays, DeStorm Power and MysteryGuitarMan, announced today that they have raised $3 million in their first round of funding. “We’re thrilled to have such a strong group of investors support us as we work to create a […]

Merchandising 101 For YouTube Creators [WONG FU EXCLUSIVE]


Want a little extra income to supplement your YouTube partner earnings? You should think about putting your ugly mug on a mug! Who wouldn’t want to drink from a cup that only a mother could love? It’s called “merchandising,” fool. Wong Fu co-founder Philip Wang told me: “Merch has obviously given us a huge financial breather. […]

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